March 23, 2023

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Fig harvest in Minya..tree yields about 250 kg per

Minya – Hasan Abdel Ghafar

Thursday, 02 March 2023 03:00 AM

Al-Youm Al-Sabah TV provided live broadcasts from fig farms in villages west of Minya, where farmers in Minya province are beginning to harvest its perennial trees, which can last more than 40 years in the land. 150 to 200 kg per season.

Shadi Muhammad, a fig farmer, said: “Figs are prepared from January by cutting small branches, spraying the trees, uprooting trees that have become too big to bear fruit, and using new branches.”

The age of the trees on the land is currently 15 years and the production is unique as the timber production reaches 150 to 200 kg per season.

And went on to say Shady Chatla fig Its price starts from 5 to 6 pounds, the crop is grown in January and left in the ground for about two years, then the harvest begins. Especially since 230 to 250 trees are taken per acre, there should be a distance of not less than 3 meters between trees.

He explained that the branches of the trees cut during the production season are used by the coal industry or used by farmers for heating in winter and are sold to traders in tons during the production season.

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