March 29, 2023

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The British military begins delivering fuel to gas stations on Monday

Britain has announced it will begin delivering fuel to military bases from Monday, following a government push to exempt foreign drivers from visas due to a shortage of tanker drivers.

“About 200 personnel from several military tankers, including 100 drivers, will be deployed from Monday to provide temporary support as part of the government’s broader effort to reduce the pressure faced by gas stations and address the shortage of heavy truck drivers,” a new report said.

Since the beginning of the week, cars have been queuing up at petrol stations in the UK, running out of stock and annoying drivers.

“Thanks to the massive efforts of the hydrocarbon sector over the past week, we are seeing continued signs that the situation at the stations is slowly improving,” said British Commerce Minister Quasi-Quarting.

“It is important to emphasize that there is no shortage of fuel in the UK nationally and that citizens should buy fuel as usual.

The shortage of tanker drivers and the unprecedented demand for fuel are the reasons for the crisis in the government.

As fuel demand stabilized during the week, stations gradually returned to change their stocks, but some regions still face severe shortages.

At the beginning of the week the military drivers were placed on alert and subjected to special training.

The British government has made real drastic changes in its drastic immigration policies, exempting foreign truck drivers from short-term visas to help fill the gap.

Fuel companies, including Shell, BP and Eso, say “there is a shortage of fuel at UK refineries” and demand is expected to return to normal soon.

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But after a week of waiting in line, drivers in many parts of the country are still unable to get fuel, raising concerns about the consequences for the economy.

Critics have blamed the government for failing to address the post-Brexit tanker driver crisis and the Covit-19 epidemic that has driven many foreign truck drivers to flee the country.