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Finally, the real reason for Shakira and Big’s split has been revealed!


Clashes erupt between Spanish football club Barcelona’s defense center, Gerard Pique and Colombian star ShakiraAfter more than a decade of having two children, it was not really a betrayal, the rumor spread.

Roberto Garcia, who has been in a romantic relationship with Shakira’s sister Lucilla for 8 years, caused a new surprise, stressing the financial reasons that broke the couple’s lovers in the wake of this separation.

Financial Reasons!

Garcia, the couple’s relationship was very optimistic, but for the past few months, for purely economic reasons, problems beyond infidelity or Pig’s lifestyle have infiltrated them.

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, he explained Barcelona star He asked the mother of her two children for a sum of money to invest in a business plan, but Shakira refused following her parents’ opposition.

Shakira with her two children

Until the official announcement of their separation earlier this month (June 2022), the spokesperson felt that their relationship had broken down by then, after which differences began to recur.

However, Garcia confirmed that despite their relationship deteriorating, the singer of the popular song “Waka Waka” always wanted to appear next to his two sons with a smile.

Over time, Shakira begins to realize that Bigway loves her only because she is the mother of her two children, and what happened is not in the minds of their lovers.

The couple officially announced earlier this month on the days of their separation after a 12-year relationship, with the media congratulating them on protecting the privacy of the family and their two children.

Shakira and Big (Reuters)

Shakira and Big (Reuters)

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Pique and Shakira have not appeared together or on social media on any occasion since last March.

Despite rumors circulating from all quarters that the Barcelona player had betrayed his girlfriend with a beautiful blonde host, they both did not comment on the matter.

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