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Youth and children focus on the tenth session of the Ephraim Astronomy Festival in Morocco | Science


Growing audiences seek to discover interesting sciences, not complex sciences, so to be attentive during the child learning process should not only simplify the sciences, but also aim at the love of the youth.

The University of Al Aqua believes in the importance of science in building nations and civilizations, and in the need to spread it to all sections of society, so that it will become as much a lever as it was in the past of our civilization, and an essential element of development and progress. In our country, we are organizing the tenth session of the Astronomy Festival in collaboration with a group of associations and NGOs interested in spreading astronomy in Morocco under the banner of Young Astronomers. Under these terms, Al Agawan University continues its commitment to presenting the astronomical culture to the public and disseminating it among the youth, said Festival Director Hassan Takmawi.

Tenth Edition Ifran Astronomy Festival From June 22 to 26 under the supervision of the Astronomical Club at the University of Al Aqua, in Efran, Central Morocco, with the participation of 20 astronomical associations and clubs from various parts of Morocco.

Speaking to Al Jazeera Net in an email, Hassan Dagmaoui said the tenth session was youth-focused and saw the participation of numerous astronomers from various fields and different ages in Morocco.

Public lecture by Dr. Youssef Maulana, crowned the best young scientist in astronomy (social media)

Science speech competition for the first time

To create a competitive atmosphere among the youth in the field of science in Morocco, a science talk competition was organized, which is a standard addition to this year’s festival, where contestants competed in both Arabic and English in the adult and junior categories. And Results 3 teams won in the junior category and 3 teams in the adult category.

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These competitions, according to Hassan al-Takmawi, are aimed at encouraging young people in particular to take up science and astronomy topics, then train them to make it easier, exchange them with people, and encourage them to spread and gain confidence. Speech skills.

The winners of the competition were crowned and Dr. Youssef Moulin and Dr. Mariam L. Yakuri were crowned the best young scientists from Morocco in astronomy. Al-Tariq Foundation for Astronomy In the category of the best astronomical educational activity in Morocco.

Additionally crowned High Energy Physics and Astronomy Club Best Astronomy Club in Morocco, and crowned Sahara Astronomical Society In El-Ayoun, it was crowned as the best astronomical community, besides that Takla Astronomical Club Association As the best growing astronomical community.

Mohammed Huhu was crowned Best “Tonic Professor” in Astronomy, and Nabil Boosta was crowned Best Astronomical Film, while Nasser al-Zakli received the Best Tonic Award within the Planet, and finally Ala Qatas was crowned Best Astronomer-Navigator Tonic.

The festival pays special attention to the child (social websites) that will be the basis of the future.

Science workshops for children and youth

The event featured various science workshops in space science, simulating the night sky under the planetarium and observing sunspots through a telescope, for children and youth in schools near the University of Al Aqawan. Researchers, professors and astronomical assistants in Morocco.

Dr. Murat Farraj, one of the workshop’s coordinators at the event, told Al Jazeera Net, “Growing audiences seek to discover interesting sciences, not complex sciences, and thus listen through the process of child learning.

Dr. Hassan al-Talbi, who hosted a series of workshops at the event, told Al Jazeera Net that “these workshops are about understanding events scientifically, learning about new topics not found in school curricula, discovering talents, and the role of Arab-Islamic civilization.”

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Hasan al-Takmawi confirms that, as in previous sessions, special attention is paid to the underlying child of the future. It will attract him to science.

The telescope and its applications were organized by Dr. Hisham Pauskari and Dr. Hassan Talpi (Social Websites).

General Lectures

The festival was opened to the public to engage with scientists and researchers in science lectures with the aim of simplifying astronomical issues for non-expert visitors; The number of participants in the various activities of the festival was estimated at two thousand.

In this regard, Professor Hassan al-Takmawi noted, “The festival seeks to spread the culture of science and astronomy in particular, to introduce the field to all groups, to bring them closer together, and to raise awareness of its science, aesthetics, and civilization. And the importance of value. Related.”

This year’s topics are fashionable, astrolabe material and purely scientific, such as the exploitation of meteorites and small satellites, and then asteroids; Such as the nature of the universe and the astronomical phenomena of the Sun’s apparent path in the planet, some of which are educational values, i.e. what astronomical phenomena teach us, and some aim to connect science with the past. And the present, such as robotics and its application in astronomy between the past and present.

In addition to lectures and creation workshops, science fairs and astronomy evenings have a unique place in the festival. It became an element that attracted the general public, especially in the use of binoculars.

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