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First Emirates in “Arabic Reading Challenge”.


Male and female students who participated in the seventh session of the “Arabic Reading Challenge” held yesterday in the United Arab Emirates were crowned winners at the state level yesterday, demonstrating excellence in knowledge achievement levels and excellent ability to absorb and express ideas. In advanced Arabic.

The fierce competition among the top ten demonstrated remarkable skills and passion for reading, reflecting the interest shown by the country’s educational institutions in cultural affairs and the community’s excellent interaction with the reading demonstration, the largest in Arabic. the world

Both male and female students from the determined population category attracted attention for their quality participation and high standards. The topper in this category proved that success can be achieved with a strong will, regardless of the scale of the challenges.

Amna Mansoori

“A literary lover with a penchant for poetry.. A bow and arrow player.. Tomorrow’s scientist.” Such is Amna Muhammad Al Mansoori, the champion of the seventh session of the Arabic Reading Challenge in the United Arab Emirates. She likes to introduce herself, as if she refuses to set a single framework for her interests or a ceiling for her dreams and aspirations.

Amna Al Mansoori, an eleventh-grader at Aisha bint Abi Bakr School in Abu Dhabi, is proud to be part of the Emirates Physics team and driven by her ambition to become a scientist of tomorrow, has read and proved 128 books. Seventh session and won the title after competing with more than 514 thousand students. It takes consistent steps to achieve its goals.

Amna Al Mansoori started practicing bow and arrow from a young age and she was selected in the UAE team for bow and arrow and she faced many challenges in her life, two years ago she lost the ability to walk after two years. foot surgeries, and he invested these two years in the best possible way with extensive reading and writing: “While I Sleep” and “Certain Peaks Rise.”

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Amna Al Mansouri confirmed that reading helped her face challenges and gave her confidence and strength to overcome pain, and today, after winning the Arabic Reading Challenge Champion title in the UAE, she seems determined to continue. Science and knowledge travel.

Mohammed Alhamadi

The parade of Muhammad Isa Al Hammadi, a twelfth grade student at Al Adwa Private School in Al Ain, who was runner-up in the seventh session of the Arabic Reading Challenge in the UAE, shows his passion and passion for reading. For literary writing.

Muhammad Isa Al Hammadi has read 257 books and he has achieved advanced positions in literary, cultural and scientific awards: Mohammed Bin Khalid Literary Award, Emirates Airline Literary Festival Award, Honor of Muhammad Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Honor of the Ministry of Education, Bin Harmal Literary Prize and other awards, also published a collection of short stories.

Trust Dawood

“I don’t know why I soared into the impossible sky because I read the tiny letters that make up dazzling literary sentences.” With these words, student Iman Muhammad Dawud, a third-placed student in the eleventh grade of Fatima Al-Zahra School in Sharjah, expresses her love for books and the influence of reading on her personality-building for the seventh session of the Arabic Reading Challenge in the United Arab Emirates.

Iman Muhammad Dawood, who has read 80 books, says: “Since childhood, I have loved the beauty and detail of the Arabic language. I was amazed at how putting a hyphen can radically change the meaning of a word. How can you make a single meaning out of more than 500 words in a letter! All these mind-boggling details were the reason I read the books when I was in fifth grade.

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Muhammad al-Abduli

His fourth-place finish in the seventh session of the UAE-level “Arabic Reading Challenge” did not come out of a vacuum.Muhammad Abdullah Al Abdulli, a twelfth grade student at Hamad Bin Abdullah Al Sharqi School. Fujairah, from her childhood, showed many talents in academics, drama and love of reading.

Muhammad Abdullah al-Abduli claims to have read more than 300 books in various fields and is active in creative writing, varying between dramatic writings, literary musings and short stories.

Muhammad Al-Abduli received several awards: Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Direction in a Dramatic Production and other awards.

Gharib Al Yamahi

From the twelfth grade at Hamad Bin Abdullah Al Sharqi School in Fujairah, he placed first in the assertive people category at the end of the seventh session of the Arabic Reading Challenge Qualifier. United Arab Emirates

Ghareeb Al-Yamahi read 130 books and was honored among 190 male and female students who participated in the qualifying round. His success was the culmination of a journey of persistence and perseverance against all challenges. Reader after learning Braille.

Gharib Al-Yamahi’s skills and abilities, especially in Arabic, read many books in various fields, which won him distinction and first place in many competitions: Reader of the Month, including Creativity. Writer, orator and reciter of poetry.

Purpose of Zain Allah Garbi

Kaya Zain Allah Al-Gharbi, an eighth-grader at Al-Bahiya Joint School in Abu Dhabi, overcame many challenges by placing second in the assertive people category in the seventh session. Arabic reading challenge at the UAE level.

Kaya Al-Gharbi suffered from glaucoma (visual impairment), but she did not give up, so she continued to read: “I participated in the Arabic reading challenge for the second time, and I read 50 books in this challenge. Gave me a journey to a better future.. My message to you is don’t give in to difficulties because they don’t exist and are only invented to overcome them.

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Abdul Rahman Al Ali

His reading journey started when he read Braille books from the fourth grade. Abdul Rahman Ali Abdul Rahman Al Alidan, a sixth grader at Saeed Education Complex in Sharjah, grabbed the attention by winning third place. At the Seventh Session of the UAE Level Arabic Reading Challenge in the Committed People category.

Despite the challenges he faced in the absence of printed books in Braille, he resorted to audio books and read about 40 books.

He says: “One of the books that influenced me the most was the book My Vision by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, and he said: Living nations should not despair or run away from challenges, a living one who has not despaired in the past. We nation, you will not be disappointed in future.

Mahrah al-Shehi

Her endearing personality, distinguished presence and tenacity qualified her to take fourth place in the determined people category at the seventh session of the Arabic Reading Challenge held in the UAE. He is Mahra Ahmad Al Shehi, a seventh grader at Al Nouf. School of Basic Education in Sharjah.

• Determined male and female students drew attention for their consistent participation and high standards, proving that regardless of the scale of the challenges, strong will can achieve success.

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