June 5, 2023

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First look at the artist's sister, Sheriff Mounir, his copy - get to know her

First look at the artist’s sister, Sheriff Mounir, his copy – get to know her

The lives of celebrities always shed light on their lives, especially at the family level, all of which are pioneers Social media Among the hidden aspects of artists’ lives, their family members far removed from light, including the Egyptian artist, are the most important. Sheriff Mounir His sister, “Newen”, who recently appeared, is not known to the public.

Where was the artist posted? Sheriff Mounir A picture of him with his younger sister Nevin, wishing him a happy birthday and adding a comment to it, in which he said: “Today is Nevin’s birthday, my sister .. but she’s really my daughter .. you are nice, my girl Followers made significant contact with the photo, and many pointed to the great resemblance between the artist and his sister.

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On the other hand, the retired artist revealed, Laura Wife of the artist Sheriff Mounir, In the video of the fire in her house, revealed the extent of the damage they suffered from the 87-second fire.

And publication Laura, Video, via her account InstagramAnd he commented: “Yesterday, it was a very brutal day .. Destiny and mercy to our Lord, I came very hard .. Praise be to our Lord who needs no one, and praise be to our Lord I have neighbors for a moment, Praise be to our Lord anyway .. . ”

Was the artist Sheriff Mounir, As he was busy filming, it was already revealed that in the light he was not at home, a room in his house in Mokkat caught fire.Open Holiday Series“.

Mounir shared pictures of the fire with the audience through his account on the “Instagram” website and also wrote: “Praise, destiny and mercy to God.”

He continued, “Praise be to God, God forbid and I did what He wanted. I thank my neighbor for standing next to my wife and daughter who were home alone because I have pictures since 7am, which happened when I was not there.”

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