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Foot cold in winter .. a sign of a health problem


If the legs are cold while wearing Warm and soft socksThis may be a sign of a health problem that may require an immediate visit to the doctor.

The New York Post quoted him as saying: Scientific research There are 5 main causes of persistent cold feet.


That means scarcity Thyroid As these hormones affect many organs in the body and help to change the diet, it becomes inactive and does not produce enough hormones to function properly. Energetically.

So, if you have a cold all over your body including your legs, you may have hypothyroidism and if you suspect you have this condition consult your doctor.

Raynaud’s disease

Subject Raynaud’s disease Your body is more prone to cold, which is a rare condition that causes the blood vessels in the arms and legs to constrict whenever you feel cold or stressed.

When it goes down TemperaturesYou may notice numbness or coldness in your arms and legs.

The skin on the hands and feet may change color, turn pale and white or blue, and then turn red and begin to itch when heated.

People living in cold climates are more likely to get Raynaud’s disease, and it is more common in women and those with a family history. The disease is not considered serious, but it can be troublesome.

If you notice these symptoms, you should consult your doctor so that you can get the right treatment and determine the full cause of your condition through examination.


Lead to diabetes For cold feet due to some complications, which include peripheral neuropathy, and this can cause damage to the nerves of the foot, causing a feeling of cold, while at normal temperatures when touched.

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Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by autoimmune diseases, vitamin deficiencies, certain medications, alcohol abuse and diabetes.

Peripheral artery disease reflects the presence of problems with blood flow because poor circulation can cause the feet to feel cold.

Peripheral artery disease is more common in smokers, overweight and hypertensive people High in fat In the blood.

A balanced and healthy lifestyle, more exercise and controlling your blood sugar levels can help prevent peripheral artery disease and reduce the symptoms you experience.

mental stress

Depression pumps blood to the heart and away from the limbs, thus keeping your fingers and toes cool. If you suffer from depression and find it difficult to manage, seek the advice of your doctor.

When you are worried, the body releases a hormone called adrenaline. It transforms your body into a “fight or flight” system, pumping adrenaline blood toward the heart and away from vital body parts such as the arms and legs to protect vital organs.

It can cause a cold feeling in the hands and feet, and it is important to consult a medical professional to deal with your anxiety and stress quickly.

High in fat

If you have cold feet, it may be due to cholesterol deposition or inflammation in the blood vessels.

High cholesterol can lead to circulatory problems such as blockage of adequate blood flow to the legs, which can lead to cold in the feet.

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