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Rashwan Thawbeek’s lawyer reveals new scenes regarding his daughter’s case


The court adjourned the first session of the case following the artist’s daughter Aiya Rashwan TawfiqIn order to add new attorneys to the case, he revoked the two attorney powers he had granted to his father for the December 25 session.

Magdi Mahran, a lawyer for Egyptian artist Rashwan Tawfiq, revealed the reason for the postponement of the case filed by the daughter, saying “we demanded to introduce new adversaries.”

He also said of the new enemies, “Issam el-Din is the husband of Hassan Iya, and his son Muhammad Essam el-Din andBank of Egypt“.

In his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, Mahran pointed to the demand for the entry of three adversaries because “it must be determined that the deposit does not affect the return of the Egyptian artist and its continuation.

And he said: “Money Deposit It was originally owned by artist Rushwan Tawfiq, but it was placed in his daughter’s name and she signed a pledge and consent from her husband and son that the deposit would not be affected for the rest of the talented artist’s life. He noted that the beneficiary of the deposit in the past was the artist and not his daughter.

He went on to say, “We called on the appellant to return the circumstances relating to the deposit his father had paid for her.”

Peace effort

Regarding the reconciliation initiative initiated by the Egyptian artist, “Mahran” confirmed that they “did not agree with it” and pointed out that they had renewed the peace effort, but it was not accepted, and insists. “The dispute is not with her and they do not want reconciliation in harmony, but they want to sue and seek court.”

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Also on the disappearance of Aya, the daughter of artist Rashwan Tawfiq, the Egyptian prosecutor said that, as he said, he did not make any television interventions or press interviews because he was not a party to the case.

She continues: There is an external impact on her asking not to compromise with her father, and the husband and son are parties to the case, not the artist’s daughter, and she has no words for the reason for her disappearance. Tell me, “he said.

“The daughter of an Egyptian artist has no legal right to sue her father while he is alive because his father is the owner of the money,” explains Magdy Mahran.

“For previous reasons, under the legal provisions, her daughter has no right to sue her father. In that case she will not win and the verdict will be in favor of the artist,” he said.

Egyptian artist Rashwan Tawfiq did not attend the sessions because he said he would attend on behalf of the Egyptian artist with a surrogate.

The Egyptian artist’s lawyer added, “Rashwan Tawfiq has no condition to compromise with his daughter, so reversing the situation is not a condition. As some have said, he wants to resolve his problems with his daughter. Stay out of the courts.”

In the past, Tawfiq has been subject to an influential personal crisis after his daughter filed a lawsuit against him over a property dispute.

Many stars of Egyptian art were keen to support the artist, especially the Captain of the Performing Industries, artist Ashraf Jackie and artists Tonia Samir Ghanem, Iman al-Asi, Nashwa Mustafa and many others.

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