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Football Association settles dispute over Zamalek’s participation in Egyptian Super (VIDEO)


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Ihab Al-Ghomi, a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Football Association, will discuss the fate of Zamalek club regarding the participation in the Egyptian Super Cup, in its new edition, which will be held at the Emirates next month.

Zamalek, double champions of the league and cup last season 2021-2022, apologized for not participating in the Super Cup, so Al-Ahly and the Pyramids played, and Al-Ahmar won with an unanswered goal.

But Zamalek recently announced they had approached the Football Association with a request to take part in the Super Cup after qualifying for last season’s Egypt Cup final with a semi-final loss to Pyramids.

Al-Qomi said in television reports: “There has never been any official communication or correspondence with Zamalek, if this happens, there are approved terms and the answer is through terms, not options, and the competition is called. The Egyptian Super Championship and new clubs can be added as organizational terms, but no. .” A new competition can only be established after returning to the General Assembly, so the terms of the new competition are an extension of the old competition.

He added: “The participation of Al-Ahli, Ceramica Cleopatra, Future and Pyramids was announced in a press conference, and the clubs were officially informed, and if the organizing company requested the participation of Zamalek due to marketing matters, the events would not take place. Expected and eventually the regulations will be implemented, and things are done according to the coordination and our goal is to eliminate the competition in the right way.”Unique”.

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Sarvath Swailem replied

For his part, the club association’s official spokesman, Darwat Swailem, clarified his statements that have fueled controversy in the past few hours regarding Zamalek’s possible presence in the Super Cup.

Swailem explained in television reports: “What I said about Zamalek’s participation in the Super Championship was misinterpreted. There is no official or friendly conversation about Zamalek’s participation in the next edition of the Super Championship.”

He added: “The sponsoring company, the Football Association, the Abu Dhabi Council and the league are the decision makers on whether Zamalek will participate or not, but the matter has not yet been discussed.

League champions Al-Ahly, runners-up Pyramids, League Cup champions Ceramica Cleopatra and fourth-placed Future in the league qualified for the Egyptian Super Cup, who have qualified for the cup final so far.

The Egyptian Super Cup 2023 will be held in the United Arab Emirates from 24 to 29 December.

The tournament will be played in knockout format with two semi-finals followed by the final.

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