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For campers.. 6 places around the world to rent electric caravans


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Road trip and camping experiences offered by caravans are gaining traction. In recent years, there has been an increase in interest in these vehicles, usually equipped with sleeping quarters and a kitchen.

Their popularity grew with immersive travel footage posted on social media.
Besides, people considered these vehicles as a way to travel, reducing health risks during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, these large vehicles pose a problem for nature-loving travelers as they consume large amounts of fuel and emit carbon in light of the dire climate crisis.

Just as electric vehicles have revolutionized the automobile industry, the era of electric caravans has begun.

“We’re already starting to see some momentum in the design and construction of electric caravans from the RV industry,” said Digital Editor Craig Baker.

Consumer demand for electric caravans is largely driven by the younger generation, who are “looking for a more eco-friendly way to go camping”.

Indeed, high and volatile global fuel prices can lead to significant costs when undertaking any road trip, especially to European destinations.

Instead of filling up the tank, recharging an electric caravan can result in significant savings when it comes to travel costs.

Currently, Quebec is one of the few places in North America where electric camping caravans are available.

Europe is still higher, but the volume is still lower.

Here are 6 leading companies around the world that you can hire electric caravans with:
Quebec, Canada: Bromont Campervan

Bromont Campervan is headquartered in Bromont.
Credit: Nathan De Leaner

Company: This summer, Bromont Campervan, a caravan rental company based in Bromont, is offering two electric camper vans for rent. The company aims to convert 14 of its trucks to electric vehicles by 2025.

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Travel: You can try a week-long road trip 450 miles from Quebec City and enjoy the high “Montmorency” waterfalls near the Quebec area or the glacier valley in the “Jacques-Cartier” National Park and other places. .

Norway: Norway Overland

Norway is a pioneer in having electric vehicles.
Credit: Gunnar R. Tjomlid

Company: Norway is a leader in having electric vehicles, and offers its own charging infrastructure, as well as options when it comes to renting caravans.

For something unique, check out Norway Overland, which launched this year in the village of Dunstad and rent electric pickups. It is ideal for off-roading in parts of Norway known for its mountains, fjords and glaciers.

Travel: Norway Overland recommends a week-long 380-mile round trip from Stavanger that takes in several fjords, great hiking spots, traditional Norwegian towns and inland mountains.

England: Wild Drives

Company: Established in Brighton in early 2022, Wild Drives offers two fully converted electric vehicles for touring the English countryside.

Travel: Wild Drives has designed a 155-mile, 7-day round trip from Brighton Beach, England. He also offers great charging sites, eco-friendly campsites, as well as many recommendations for attractions and activities.

California, USA: Simple Camps

“Simple Campers” is one of the rental vehicles.
Credit: Simple Camps

Company: North San Francisco-based rental company Simple Campers has purchased the world’s first batch of rental electric “grounded” caravans.

The Detroit-based brand, a startup run by former Tesla and SpaceX engineers, has garnered buzz for its highly customizable interiors and relatively affordable prices.

Travel: Simple Camps recommends taking the famous “Highway 1” to the Pacific coast of California.

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Miles away are landmarks like Point Reyes National Seashore and Bodega Bay.
Scotland: eDub Travels

Credit: eDub Services Ltd

Company: Leading electric caravan rental company eDub Trips got its start in 2013 when it started replacing the standard motors of classic 1970s Volkswagen caravans with electric motors.

Travel: The company recommends exploring the Scottish countryside on a round trip from Fort William on a 5-day, 340-mile trip that includes stops in Glenfinnan, a motorboat to the Isle of Skye and a cruise on Loch Ness.

Washington State, USA: Baquesty

A backpacker vehicle.
Credit: Pacific Northwest, LLC

Company: Bawesty, based on Bainbridge Island, Washington, launched a zero-emissions initiative in 2019 with 3 electric cars.

Travel: Backwesty recommends taking a 405-mile, 10-day round trip from Bainbridge Island that connects several nature stops on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula, including mountains, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, rainforests and hot springs.

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