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For iPhone .. If you forget the password, follow these steps

For iPhone .. If you forget the password, follow these steps

IPhone phones have high security features that help users protect their data and phones from being stolen.

The security lock feature is one of the most important of these features as the phone is completely locked when entering the wrong password more than once.

Previously, you had to wait for the phone to expire before you could try again and add the password or connect the computer to completely redesign the mobile.
But after the iOS 15.2 update you can redesign the phone directly without connecting to the computer, where Apple allows this option.

This method works with all iPhones, iPods and iPods that have received the latest 15.2 update from Apple. This can only be used with update 15.2.

Steps to reset iPhone if password forgotten

This method not only allows you to bypass the security lock screen, but you must enter your iCloud account information for the phone to work.

That is, to increase the security and security of the phones, this method does not work with stolen phones or lost and found phones.

This feature only works if your phone is connected to the Internet via WiFi or a mobile network.

You can use this feature by following these steps:

When you enter the wrong password more than once, a security lock screen will appear as shown in the image below.

Instead of waiting or calling 911 a new option will appear on this screen where you will see the Reset Phone button.

After pressing the reset button, a window will appear in front of you asking you to sign in to your iCloud account associated with this phone.

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Also press the reset button of the phone again so that all the data in it will be deleted and redesigned.

This time the phone looks like a brand new phone, meaning you lose all your important photos and files stored on the phone.

But when the phone comes back to work, it will ask you to restore one of the backups in your iCloud account.