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Russia and Germany .. Specter of 2014 returns and threatens “future plan”


Relations were restored by announcing the gas pipeline project.Nort Stream 2Carries the gas directly Russia To me GermanyAcross the Baltic Sea in 2017.

And re The crisis in Ukraine Tensions between the two have recently escalated Moscow and Berlin Again, after the mutual expulsion of diplomats and sharp statements between the two countries.

Announced Russian Ministry of Foreign AffairsThe German ambassadors were expelled on Monday in reaction to the expulsion of two Russian ambassadors to Berlin last week.

Russia was not satisfied with the move, but summoned the German ambassador to express dissatisfaction with the decision to expel two staff members from the Moscow embassy. Germany Aggressive, and can not be without the right answer.

On the other hand, it was considered German Foreign Ministry The decision to expel its diplomats from Russia was based on an unreasonable position, and as a result of this situation things are becoming more complicated with Moscow.

In his first speech German ParliamentGerman Chancellor Olaf Scholes tightened his tone Ukrainian crisis, Warns that if Russia invades Ukraine, especially tanks, armored vehicles, vehicles and about 100,000 Russian troops stationed near the Russian-Ukrainian border will pay a heavy price.

Speaking to Sky News Arabia, two political experts acknowledged that relations between Moscow and Berlin have been strained by the Ukrainian crisis and the change of German government.

Relationship history

German politician Hussein Geithr points out that German-Russian relations are multifaceted, that Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in violation of international law, and its move to eastern Ukraine have overshadowed Russia’s role in the cyber-attacks on German pantastes. This led to the suspension of annual bilateral government consultations from 2014 onwards.

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He added, “The EU responded at the time by imposing sanctions on Russia, and the latter prevented the importation of certain agricultural products from EU countries,” he said, noting the importance of dialogue between the two countries, especially Germany and Russia. As a major trading partner after China, Moscow exports oil and natural gas to Germany, as well as imports of mechanical engineering materials and vehicles.

Subsequent orgasm

Political analyst Tariq Ziad Wehbe believes that despite the current president’s position as finance and economy minister in Germany, the change in the ruling majority in Germany has led to a change in the political outlook, noting that the situation will remain the same overseas German. Policy on Russia has been stabilized.

He explains that the Christian Democratic Party made Germany the first European industrial power, while former German Chancellor Angela Merkel saw its relationship with Russia in the economic-based binary concept, so that German sales in the Union countries were unimpeded, while Germany suffered. Under the EU’s option of imposing sanctions against Moscow.

As for the course of relations between Moscow and Berlin, Wehbe says that the failure of the German Chancellor to follow the same path was the cause of the tension in relations. As a key component of socialist and left-wing government, the Greens, who are on the side of liberalism, will not prioritize the economy over human rights and democracy.

Khader noted that the conflict between the partners of the ruling coalition was escalating, and that the door was still open for dialogue on the part of the EU with Russia, which must be carried out with the strong participation of the East and Germany’s partners. Central Europe feared Russia’s moves.

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Old tools

When Moscow builds its forces by moving ballistic missiles, artillery and tanks from Siberia to the Ukrainian border, the Kremlin rejects any plans for an invasion.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of being behind tensions in Europe and insisted that his country would not allow NATO to deploy missiles in Ukraine.

Wehbe notes Germany’s rejection of Russian pressure on Germany and Europe’s backyard Ukraine, emphasizing that Putin’s policy of military pressure has not changed to compensate for political weakness in the joint talks and has not returned to Cold War methods. It is valid for a long time to find solutions.

Rule of Nord Stream 2

Reports from German officials contained warnings about the impact of the gas project, and Scholes insisted that the operation of the gas pipeline comply with European law. The Donbass region has prompted his Russian envoy, Sergei Lavrov, to renew its demand for guarantees.

German Vice President and Minister of Economy Robert Hebeck has warned that a new breach in Ukraine’s territory could have serious consequences for the gas project.

The German Energy Regulatory Commission expects the approval process for Nord Stream 2 to continue until the second half of 2022, although the project was completed last September, with the necessary documents pending the completion of the approval process.

Qadir believes it would be wrong to suspend the North Stream 2 project in the event of an attack on Ukraine, which is a private sector project and has economic and environmental significance, explaining the agreement to be launched by the ruling parties in Germany. Working on Nord Stream 2, all national and European requirements were met.

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Kather points out that the plan would link Russia directly to Germany, with Germany and the European Union dependent on Russia, the latter being related to the possibility of using gas as a political pressure card.

Wehbe acknowledges earlier that the Nord Stream 2 gas file will not be affected, despite the German chancellor’s statement that the plan is flawed because the obligations of both parties are valid under the terms of the trade agreement. Improvement in import conditions in the future.

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