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For the first time in their career, the artists are presenting the character of Syedi


Ahmad Eid, Nellie Karim, Rozina and Ahmad Al-Awadi are the most prominent.

Many theater stars in Egypt experience the performance of Saidi color for the first time in their artistic careers.

Nelly Kareem was one of the first artists to announce this, as she said in a previous interview with Asharq Al-Awsad that she is “absolutely not afraid of giving new acting colors, and she gives the character of Saidi in the series (Nadra”) coin) similar to any character she has given before, where she has all her Jobs also need familiar products.

The currently showing “Natra Currency” series has significant participation of first-time actors in high-profile roles. The artist, Ahmed Eid, after an absence of almost 9 years from the TV drama, will be participating in the series along with other actors including Jumana Murad, Muhammad Lotfi, Ali Al-Tayeb, Hisham Ashour and Muhammad Fahim. , all of whom perform sidekick personas for the first time in their artistic careers.

“Natra Currency” series by artist Nelly Karim and artist Ali Al-Tayeb.

Artist Mohammad Fahim, who recently participated in the drama show “Charlie Chaplin”, expressed his “delight” at the Arab audience’s reaction to the “Natra Currency” series and “their connection with the fast-paced events and characters”. The momentum from the first episode.” Fahim said in an exclusive statement to Asharq Al-Awsat, “He was never afraid to present an image of Upper Egypt in an artwork that discusses an important subject of Upper Egypt (Southern Egypt) customs and traditions.”

Fahim considered the role “a new challenge, a role he enjoyed, and he did his best to make the audience enjoy and believe in a realistic role.” Fahim pointed out that he had “enjoyed the performance of Saidi color earlier, but in a humorous way, through a comic character (Fahim Saranga) in the series (Al-Kabeer Oi 2)” but “a special brilliance in the character (Ala Abdel-Jabbar) (Rare Coin) , which plays his true entry-level role.

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Egyptian actress, Salma Abu Taif, is making her debut as a Zaidi character in the series “Al-Matta 3… The Legend of Love” starring artist Hamada Helal. Salma posted many photos on her personal page through “Instagram”. She expressed her “happiness” by participating in work in general, and the role she plays in particular.

Actress Salma Abu Taif in a clip from the series “Al-Matta 3”.

Egyptian actress Rozina plays the lead role in the series “Chitam”, where she presents a character “for the first time” as a Saeedee, with special appearances by artist Iyad Nasser and Saeedee. The artist Ahmed Al-Awadi participates in the “Darb Noor” series with his wife, the Egyptian artist Yasmin Abdel Aziz, in his first high-profile play in his artistic career.

Actress Rogina in clip of “Siddam” series

Critic Karim al-Masri believes, “Saidy’s persona, despite its difficulty, has a special charm, and it adds a professional experience to the artist’s life.” Al-Masry Asharq Al-Awsat said, “Despite some people’s fear of saidi color, it is a challenge for those who present it because of its products and intricate details. In recent years, artists have bravely invaded this region, and some have achieved success, while others have failed.” He added, “The efficiency of the Saeed personality is a double-edged sword.”

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