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For these reasons, don’t tame your mischievous child with a mirror


Most parents struggle to deal with their mischievous children who are curious and quarrelsome. How can we deal with them wisely and change their mischievous behavior?

Psychiatrist Daria Al-Kassen believes that fighting behavior is positive, meaning that the child begins to develop its independent personality, and the child’s level of stubbornness is mild and does not disturb family members. A case of parental cruelty and restraint imposed on children. As for the obedient child, he always speaks the word “present” on his tongue, this type of children often suffer from delays in psychological and mental development.

According to Al-Khazen, every child has something that makes him different, and dealing with unruly children requires patience and understanding, so it is necessary to remain calm, and show love and support to the child at all times. However, parents should be aware that there should never be beatings or harmful punishment in raising this child.

In his interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Al-Khazen stressed that the future of a troubled child can be different and depends greatly on the nature and environment of the child’s behavior and the opportunities available to him. Continuous learning, development and appropriate support will contribute to positive developments in his future.

Daria Al-Kassen: Unruly child’s future can be different (Al-Jazeera)

Naughty child.. How to deal with him?

Al-Qasan affirms that getting along well with a mischievous child is the first step towards accepting him and changing his behavior for the better. Parents and educators need to understand his behavior, which may involve yelling and constant problems with his peers, friends, or neighbors. . She offers some helpful tips for dealing with a naughty child:

  • Effective Communication: Try to communicate effectively and honestly with your child. Listen to his feelings and needs and try to understand the reasons behind his naughty behavior. Talk to him in simple and clear language so that he can understand you easily.
  • To reinforce positivity: Try to reinforce your child’s positive behavior by encouraging him to talk about his feelings, offering positive alternatives to expressing anger or frustration, recognizing when he cooperates, and giving him praise and appreciation. Parents usually focus on children’s negative behaviors, punishment and criticism, so that the relationship between parents and children is characterized by negativity.
  • be quiet: So keep a moderate voice when talking about your child’s behavior. Don’t lower your voice so much that he doesn’t downplay the importance of the topic. Don’t sound apologetic. Don’t shout or laugh at him, but speak to him in a moderate, serious voice with firmness and firmness as you speak. During an interview or to an employee, speak to him respectfully. Make him lose his dignity.
  • Controlling Anger and Anxiety: As parents should be role models for their children, it is important to speak kindly to the child and refrain from shouting.
  • Follow a daily and weekly routine: This will help improve your child’s behavior and performance at school, so determine the time for studies and activities, as well as restful sleep, because its lack leads to behavioral problems in children between the ages of 3 and 12. years.
  • Reduce steps: Parents should not give excessive orders and instructions that tire or distract the child, and should not give him work that exceeds his abilities.
    Treating a mischievous child well is the first step towards accepting him and changing his behavior for the better (Getty).

Is the naughty child smart?

In an article published by the Parents’ Circle website on ways to deal with mischievous children intelligently and without changing those behaviors, it is important to be clear about the characteristics of a mischievous child. Effective goal, so he uses this energy in a fight or game of aggression.

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Therefore, educational strategies to correct his behavior should be mixed with positivity and support, and as the website explains, they include:

  • A mischievous child is curious, creative and intelligent. He perseveres in pursuit of his goals, which requires courage and bravery. He creates on his own and is not influenced by the opinions and actions of others.
  • A naughty child should feel that he has a place for himself, he should be given the right to express his opinion, negotiate with him and even discuss some personal matters related to him.
  • Most children don’t like to be given orders or dictate decisions inappropriately, such as forcing them, raising their voice, etc.
  • Instead of hitting the child for bad behavior, calmly explain to him that grabbing another child’s toy is bad, and explain to him that he will be very upset if he exhibits the same behavior that he did.
  • The same goes for a naughty child who tends to hit or bite others. Explanations will help him better understand how his behavior affects others.
    Instead of hitting the child for bad behavior, calmly explain to him that he will be very upset if he is exposed to the same behavior (getty).

Is an unruly child a successful “adult”?

According to a report published by the “Info News” website, every mother hopes that her child will be obedient and peaceful in nature, so that he can enjoy a peaceful, ideal life and be satisfied with his upbringing. But studies and research show that the mischievous child who causes trouble at home and school and tries to figure everything out can be one of the most successful personality types in the future.

For example, Mayun, a Chinese businessman who owns a group of successful Internet businesses, was the first Chinese-Asian businessman to appear on the cover of the American Forbes magazine, a mischievous, mischievous child who caused problems at school. , attacking everyone around him, either verbally or by hitting. It creates confusion all the time.

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According to the website, here are some guidelines on how to deal with a naughty child tactfully and intelligently:

  • Accepting praise, ignoring annoying misbehavior and not assigning blame, the child thrives on praise alone.
  • The needs and wants of the child should be heard and his demands should not be ridiculed.
  • A simple method of conversation and discussion will convince the child, satisfy him and reduce his anxiety and stubbornness.
  • Do not neglect the method of reassurance, reprimand and discipline until the child understands the misbehavior he has committed.
  • Don’t confront a mischievous child by hitting or scolding him, instead give him a warm hug and confidence.

The website shows that the behavior of unruly children does not necessarily reflect their future destiny, as a child’s behavior can change over time and his development, and he can learn from his experiences and become more mature. , disciplined, and successful person, or, on the contrary, to become an aggressive, negative and unsuccessful person in his life.

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