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UAE and Bahrain… an exceptional artistic partnership


Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)

An exceptional partnership that unites the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain in many technological fields, and testifies to the consolidation of the bonds of bilateral relationship between the two countries. In the field of television drama, many prominent Bahraini drama stars have starred in many Emirati series over the past years, and Emirati artists have also collaborated in Bahraini productions that have been a great success. This collaboration was not only in the field of acting but also in writing and directing.

Art environment
In 52 years, the Kingdom of Bahrain has achieved many achievements in various fields, has come a long way towards development and achieved prosperity and stability. Promoting traditions and creative values ​​by presenting works of art that spread the culture and customs of creative people in cinema and television. The early eighties of Bahraini drama saw the filming of several works, including “The Eye Trilogy” in 1988, written by Rashid Al-Jodar, directed by Bassam Al-Tawadi and starring Saad Al-Buwainin and Muhammad Awad, and 3 of the series “Umm Hilal” by Issa Al-Ham. The parts, directed by Mokhedin Jalal, star Salwa Baqid and Jassim Al-Sayek.

“Night Sea”
The “Sea of ​​the Night” series was one of the most important series to witness the Emirati-Bahrain collaboration. It also stars Jafar Naqmoush, Ahmed Al Jazmi, Muhammad Yassin, Ali Al Ghurair and Haifa Hussain. It was written by Bahraini writer Jamal Al Sakhar and directed by Bahraini Mustafa Rasheed.

Bahraini actress Saud Ali participated in the main role of several Emirati series that received great resonance: “It’s the same,” “Wadima and Halima,” “The First Family War,” and “Jademik Ntimak.” He appreciated. Supporting the theater scene with new ideas emerging from a range of ongoing stories such as Emirati channels that support collaborative theater productions that contribute to the exchange of experiences and cultures, and “Abu Dhabi Media Network”, which is always keen to support the Gulf. “Jademak Nademak” shows drama and Gulf series on its channels, “Emirates Channel” is proud. They appeared together for the first time in the series “Hare Dare”.

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A fruitful collaboration
“The Postman” with Jaber Naqmoush, “Masud’s Daughters” with Mansoor Al Faili, “Findas” with Tariq Al Ali and the latest series Maida Muhammad starring Bahraini actor Khalil Al Rumaidi, all produced by “Abu Dhabi Media Network”. It was shown in previous Ramadan seasons on “Abu Dhabi” and “Emirates” channels, and received great public response, Al-Rumaidi expressed his pride in this fruitful collaboration with actors, directors and Emirati channels, which created an opportunity. He explained that the Gulf connection, the exchange of cultures and experiences and benefiting from various art schools, made him not hesitate to participate in Emirati-Gulf work, especially the Emirati-Bahrain art collaboration making a special mark on his artistic career. .

Bahraini actress Shaima Sabt is keen to continue acting in Emirati dramas including “Tamasha,” “We Were There Yesterday,” and “Masud’s Daughters,” and she will participate in “an Emirati-produced Gulf series for Abu Dhabi. Media Network,” her latest series with actor Daoud Hussain. , “Ayn.” Al-Deeb”, etc. Shama praised the bilateral relations that bring together artists from the Emirates and Bahrain to offer a unique artistic style, especially with the growth achieved by Emirati theater productions through television channels such as “Abu Dhabi Media Network”. The implementation of high-level Gulf theater productions enriches the art scene with various series. Raises the Arab audience.

A true beginning
This is considered to be the true beginning of drama on Bahraini television with the first and second parts of the series “Bin Aqal” written by Rashid Al-Zauder and directed by Abdullah Youssef in 1987 and 1988. In 1992, three drama works were produced simultaneously, which created a qualitative leap in the process of television drama. Writer Rashid Al-Jowder and director Ahmad Al-Muklah present their first collaborative work, a theatrical performance called “Old Pictures”. Bahrain Television also presented a unique song-drama titled “Kanawi Bou Thaab” starring Abdullah Malak. Directed by poet Ali al-Sharqawi and Ahmed Yaqub al-Muklah.

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Great production
After establishing Bahrain TV in 1971, he went on to execute and produce several successful series, notably: “Salt and Gold,” “Another Woman,” “The Odd House,” and “Farjan Lawal,” which television set after. A great experience for the first time in co-production with Egyptian writer Mohammed Jalal Abdel Qawi and director Magdi Abu Amira to write and direct the series “Awlat Boujasim” with an elite cast from Emirates, Bahrain. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Syria and Lebanon, and it was a huge success.
In 2000, several series were presented, including “Al-Sadeem” written by Amin Saleh, “A Good Citizen” written by Hamad Al-Shehabi and directed by Mustafa Rashid, directed by Ahmad Yaqoob Al-Muklah. and “Calms and Storms”, written by Ahmad Al-Fardan and directed by Muhammad Al-Khafas.

widespread popularity
The late artist Ali Al Ghurair starred in many Emirati series and earned him a variety of roles in the Arab world, including “Wadima and Halima,” “Third Family War,” “Hadak Madak.” ,” and “Jademic Nademic” with Zafar Nagmoush.

Honorable history
Bahraini cinema has a proud history as many Bahraini films have been produced, starting with the documentary “Kashmir is Calling” by Khalifa Shaheen in 1967, followed by a few short films, notably the film “Hamad and the Pirates”. Produced by “Walt Disney” and shown for the first time in America. Then it was distributed to the countries of the world. In 1971, Shaheen founded the “Al-Sagar” Foundation and produced several documentaries, which were shown at international festivals and won many awards: “Pictures from the Island,” “People on the Horizon” and “The Black” Wave.” After that, both Majeed Shams and Ali Abbas gained experience directing films, he delivered “The Stranger Ali Abbas,” “The Three Men,” “Revenge,” and “Betrayal, O Time.”
Bahraini cinema saw a qualitative change with the appearance of director Bassam Al-Tawdi, who directed several short films including “Al-Wafa,” “The Blind,” “Generations,” “The Two Brothers,” and “The Mask. .” He later presented “The Barrier” in 1990, and “Visitor” in 2003. Since the beginning of 2000, several notable films have been presented, including Bassam Al-Tawadi’s “A Bahraini Story” and Hussain’s “Four Girls”. Al-Halabi, “Swalif Tafash: The Himalayan Island,” and “Darbal is Coming.”

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