March 28, 2023

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لهواة الظواهر الفلكية.. خسوف كلى للقمر 16 مايو يرى فى مصر جزئيا

For those interested in astronomical events, the full lunar eclipse on May 16 is somewhat visible in Egypt.

Be a fan of astronomical events on a date Full lunar eclipse Monday, May 16, 2022, its central time coincides with Badr, the month of Shawwal in 1443 AH. .

The Earth’s shadow occupies approximately 141.4% of the Moon’s surface, and can be seen in areas where the Moon appears when it occurs: (Europe – Africa – Asia – North America – South America – Pacific Ocean – Atlantic Ocean – Indian Ocean – Continent) .

All phases from the beginning to the end of the eclipse take approximately five hours and nineteen minutes, from the beginning of the first part of the eclipse to the end of the second part of the eclipse of about three hours and twenty – seven minutes. .

The total eclipse is approximately one hour and twenty-five minutes, and is somewhat visible in Egypt until the lunar sunset before it reaches the full eclipse, and the greatest value of the eclipse is in Siva, where the eclipse reaches. 91% of its value, it lasts one hour and 54 minutes.

Solar and lunar eclipses are used as controls of the Hijri calendar, and events of solar and lunar eclipses can be used to determine the beginning and end of the lunar or Hijri months because these events clearly reflect the movement of the Moon around the Earth. And the movement of the earth around the sun. .

A solar eclipse occurs in conjunction or conjunction, i.e. the solar eclipse marks the birth of a new crescent, and the eclipse is the date of birth of the new moon and lunar eclipse. Occurs in the opposite position, i.e. in the middle of the lunar full moon.

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In 2022, we will be on a date with two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. Date Lunar Eclipse.