March 31, 2023

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للمحجبات.. إختاري أجمل إطلالاتك باللون الأبيض من وحي الفاشينستات

For veiled women, opt for a chic fascist-inspired white look

The most attractive thing about veiled women is the color white, especially white dresses, which is one of the wardrobe essentials for any woman; It is easy to wear without any effort and it is on the throne of fashion in the world of hijab.

Many fashion bloggers chose her, especially with designs of embroidered dresses, she is very suitable for different styles, so here are their most beautiful looks, according to (Ma’am).

Rahaf Al Shami in silver embroidered dress

For a simple and elegant feminine look that suits your various looks, we have selected for you a modern layered wide white dress with straight cut sleeves in white and a silver belt that defines the waist to add more glamor and femininity. , and the design is embroidered on the chest and bottom with silver leaves and flowers. On the style blog, Egyptian fashionista Rahaf El-Shami brings you an eye-catching feminine style by styling it with a black Dior bag and crystal-embellishment. Transparent heel.

Aya Fawzi in floral embroidered dress

In a lively, simple and elegant look, Egyptian fashion blogger Aya Fawzy caught our eyes in a white dress with puffed sleeves filled with elastic, designed with soft pleats at the bottom of the design and embroidered with pink and blue flowers at the top. To give you a fun and unique look, I also completed it with a floral veil and floral heels.

Hanan Al Hakim in white dress with embroidered sleeves

For a softer summer look, wear a long, modest dress in white for a casual everyday look, as styled by Egyptian fashion blogger Hanan Al-Hakim, who opted for a wide-cut, embellished white dress. A straw belt at the waist, embroidered black flowers on the sleeves, and a brown veil completed it.

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Hadir Atef in a white fluffy dress

Fluffy white dresses are a simple and striking option for the evening; It gives you difference and calmness in its style and reveals your personality, so the Egyptian fashion blogger Hatir Atef wears a white dress with a fluffy skirt designed with a specific belt at the waist and embroidered with flowers and long lines from velvet. .

Talal Al-Toub in a white embroidered dress

Kuwaiti fashion blogger Talal Al-Toub is keen to highlight her elegance in a different and unique way, from which she wore a white dress with a long neck and wide cut, puffed sleeves decorated with fabric embroidered with flowers and leaves. on the shoulders, and she sought to complement her elegance with neutral colored accessories.