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سوزوكي سويفت موديل 2022

The best car in the market.. Suzuki Swift 2022 Specifications and Prices

Witness a Masterpiece”Suzuki“The new Swift 2022 model was in high demand in the previous period, which led to an increase in its price, reaching 15,000 pounds to include all variants offered in the Egyptian market, and this car is considered one of the most important versions offered. Domestically, it belongs to the youth hatchback category.

Suzuki Swift 2022 Price Specifications

The new “Suzuki” Swift 2022 Icon is based on a 1200 cc 4-cylinder engine with 113 Nm of torque and 84 horsepower, mated to a 5-speed automatic front-wheel drive transmission, and the Suzuki Swift model 2022 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 12.9 seconds.

Swift 2022

According to the advertiser, the Suzuki Swift 2022 gets electronic brake distribution system EBD, ABS anti-lock brakes, AIRBAGS system, BA brake assist feature, electric side mirrors and ESP electronic stability system. A very fitted class.

The best car in the market.. Suzuki Swift 2022 Specifications and Prices
Swift 2022

Check the latest prices of Suzuki Swift 2022 model in Egypt

First variant: “Automatic” at a price of 299,900 thousand pounds instead of 284.900 thousand pounds.

Second variant: “Automatic” at a price of 309.900 thousand pounds instead of 294.900 thousand pounds.

Third variant: “Automatic” at a price of 319,900 thousand pounds instead of 304,900 thousand pounds.

Fourth variant: “Automatic” at a price of 329,900 thousand pounds instead of 314,900 thousand pounds.

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