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Forgive Me If You Hate Me.. Salma Salem Reveals Aspects Of Her Character In "After A Time Vadaraja"

Forgive Me If You Hate Me.. Salma Salem Reveals Aspects Of Her Character In “After A Time Vadaraja”

The artiste, Salma Salem, revealed aspects of the character she will be portraying during the events of the soon-to-be-aired “Vadarajah After a Time” series.
Salma Salem through a video posted on her official account on “Instagram” said that the character or characters she will be appearing in the series is evil and she is presenting it for the first time and it is possible that the audience will like it. To hate her or her, you ask her fans and followers of her work to forgive her if they hate her. “Forgive me if you hate me,” she continued.
In the video, Salma explained that the reason behind her disappearance in the last period was her interest in filming her scenes at the workplace, as the series organizers, the director or producer, asked her not to speak or announce anything about her throughout the shoot. So the characters of the series did not appear.

“It will be released shortly” is a multi-starrer addition to Salma Salem, including Jassam Al-Naban, written by Isa Al-Hasawi and directed by Abdullah Al-Turkmani.
On the other hand, Salma Salem participates in the series “Revenge Project” directed by Hussain Dashti, with the story, screenplay and dialogue of Noor Al-Badri and a group of artists, in particular: artist Ahmed Salman, Hind Nisar, Mahmoud Bou Shehri, Abdullah Boushahri and Zahra Al-Kharji. , and the work is located in thirty chapters, and its events revolve around a funny and interesting social story, but at the same time complicated, and it begins on a sad and ominous day. , but then the lives of the heroes become better and better, and they enjoy a dignified life.

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