June 2, 2023

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Former German tennis star Boris Becker has been jailed in Britain

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A British court on Friday sentenced 54-year-old former tennis star Boris Becker to two and a half years in prison after he was found guilty of defaulting on 2.5 million (மில்லியன் 3 million) in assets and debt.

According to the German DW Channel website, Baker, who has won six major championships at the Grand Slam, has been charged by the British judiciary with several counts of personal bankruptcy and obtaining a 3.5 3.5 million loan from a private bank.

Baker declared his personal bankruptcy before the start of Wimbledon in London in June 2017 and was accused of disrespecting his obligations to disclose information, especially to the bank, which he denied. He was accused of not giving his creditors nine trophies and medals from his star record in his career.

The former world number one baker, who has lived in Britain since 2012, revealed during the trial, which began on March 21, that he had “a lot” of awards and memorabilia collected in theaters over the past 15 years, but some of them were missing.

Prior to the ruling, Deadlf von Arnim, president of the German Tennis Federation, had expressed his support for Boris Becker.

Van Arnim said at the Munich Championships that Becker had won a “wonderful victory” for German tennis, and that the German Tennis Federation wished him success today.

He added: “In all honesty, we stand as one of our hallmarks in the German Tennis Federation.”


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