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Discovering an efficient energy source on Mars

Friday, April 29, 2022 09:12 PM



According to scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, solar panels are an efficient source of energy needed for Mars’ settlement sites.

A team of scientists at Frontier’s University of Astronomy and Space Science has discovered a powerful source of energy for the sites of migrants on Mars. According to their calculations, it would be better and more economical to use solar panels than to build nuclear reactors together.

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To prove this, the researchers calculated the energy, efficiency, and cost of transporting solar panels to different parts of the Red Planet and compared them to the cost of NASA’s kilopower prototypes.

Researchers believe that solar and nuclear energy will be used to produce the hydrogen, fertilizer, and other materials needed for the lives of the first settlers on the Red Planet. Energy sources must be able to withstand the fluctuations of demand and the impact of seasonal and daily cycles on the planet.

About 50 percent of Mars’ surface area is similar to Earth’s equator, so it makes more sense to use solar cells with hydrogen systems than to use small nuclear reactors. He also plans to build settlement sites in the same areas, as they are more suitable for landing and taking off missiles, not only in terms of climate.

Source: rusevik.ru

Source: World News: Discovery of a useful energy source on Mars

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