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Four astronauts have successfully returned to Earth from the International Space Station


Four astronauts from the International Space Station succeeded in returning to Earth on Tuesday after six months.

Four astronauts, French, Thomas Pesket, Japanese Akihiko Hoshaid and Americans Shane Kimbo and Megan McArthur, spent 200 days in “Crow-2” orbit around Earth.

The astronauts embarked on a dangerous voyage from Florida, in the SpaceX space agency’s Dragon capsule, this flying laboratory contains 240 kg of equipment and scientific tests that four astronauts worked on for six months.

“NASA” cited the landing process Live broadcast.

As planned, the Dragon Capsule will take off from the International Space Station at 19:05 GMT on Monday.

After that, the dragon embarked on a journey that lasted several hours, the possibility of the journey changing dramatically according to the route. After entering the atmosphere, the craft landed in Florida.

First landing

This landing is the first time for a French astronaut. During his previous mission in 2016-2017, he descended the Kazakh steps in a Russian Soyuz vehicle.

As soon as the capsule hit the surface of the sea, the process of carrying the crew with the nearby boats began.

After that, a helicopter will take the astronauts to the landing site, where they will board a flight to the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas, USA.

Crew-2 is Elon Musk’s second regular mission to NASA via SpaceX. This allowed the U.S. agency to restart spacecraft from U.S. soil after it had grounded its spacecraft in 2011.

The space station crew will return to Earth before the arrival of the new crew of four astronauts on the “Crow-3” mission to be launched on the “Falcon 9” rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Many times due to bad weather, especially.

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In the meantime, the space station will not be uninhabited, as two Russians and one American will be staying.

Sixteen countries are involved in funding the International Space Station, which was launched into orbit in 1998, and will cost a total of $ 100 billion, most of which was funded by Russia and the United States.

Weighing in at 450 tons, the lab orbits the earth at an altitude of 400,000 meters. A complete revolution takes place every 90 minutes so that the pioneers who live there see the sunrise and sunset once every 45 minutes.

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