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If it persists after 3 months go to the doctor immediately .. 3 severe symptoms of Govt disease


He is the Chairman of the Medical Group on the Treatment of Covit Disease and the Chairman of the World Health Organization’s Health Division. Janet Diaz advised that if a patient continues to suffer from any of the 3, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. Common symptoms known as the “long covit” or “post covit” condition.
In episode 68 of “Science in Five” presented by Vismita Gupta Smith, Dr. Dias explained that three symptoms were sick and tired and the second was shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, which was important for those who had been very active before. They had a corona infection.

How to monitor symptoms

And Dr. Dias explained that a person can monitor his breathing by following whether his activity is more limited than before, for example if a person runs a kilometer, he still has the same ability, or he can no longer run. Long distance due to suffocation.

The third symptom, Dr. Diaz added, is cognitive impairment, commonly referred to as “brain fog”, which indicates that people have a problem with their focus, ability to concentrate, memory, sleep or administrative function.

Dr. Dias noted that only these three symptoms are very common, but in fact there are more than 200 symptoms, some of which are monitored by Govt-19 patients.


Increased risk to the heart

And Dr. Dias added that suffering from shortness of breath can also be the cause of heart disease in a variety of forms, such as heart palpitations, palpitations or heart attacks.

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Dias cited the results of a recent U.S. report covering a one-year research study of patients with Covit-19 disease, where it has been proven that there is a higher risk of developing heart problems, and in some cases it has reached stroke. Or severe heart attack, i.e. myocardial infarction or other causes of blood clots, increased risk of death due to long-term complications of Govt disease.

Dias said, “A person recovering from a severe infection with Govit-19 infection may begin to worry that if it lasts more than three months he may be suffering from one or more symptoms of chronic Govt disease, and then he should be consulted immediately. His therapist, but if the symptoms disappear after a week or two. ” At two weeks or one month, it was not diagnosed as chronic COVID-19.

Suffering for more than a year

Regarding those diagnosed as chronic Govt patients, Drs. Dias noted that they may have symptoms for a long time, up to six months, and that there are reports of people with symptoms for a year or more than a year. .

Chronic Govt Patients, Dr. According to Diaz, not all patients have the same treatment because they suffer from different types of symptoms that affect many systems in the body, but each person is treated according to the symptoms he or she suffers from, and if the patient needs a neurologist, for example, a cardiologist or psychiatrist, the patient should be familiar with his or her medical history. Or is advised to return to the general practitioner. Expert.

Rehabilitation techniques

Dr. says there are currently no drugs to treat the post-Covit-19 condition. Dias explained, but in the absence of these symptoms there are interventions such as rehabilitation or self-adaptation techniques to improve patients’ quality of life. Fully recovered.

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For example, Dr. Dias explained that if a patient is unwell, they should not get tired when they are tired, and that trying to do their activities when they are best is a self-adaptation technique. He had a cognitive deficit and he did not have to do multiple tasks at once because he could only try to focus on one action.

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