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France.. finds the first case of the “pyrola” variant


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The French Public Health Agency announced today, Friday, that a strain called “Brula” (BA.2.86) was detected for the first time in France yesterday in the province of “Aube” in the east of the country.

In a new risk analysis of variants emerging from (SARS Cove 2), the agency noted: “As of noon on 08/31/2023, 25 sequences of this substrain were distributed in the world as follows: ten sequences in Denmark, and four in the United States.” , four in Sweden, two in South Africa, two in Portugal, one in the United Kingdom, one in Israel and one in Canada; In addition to the strain discovered in France on 08/31/2023.

The high number of mutations in (BA.2.86) raises concerns about the potential for immune escape and the efficacy of vaccines, even those designed specifically for the (XBB) strain, for which no laboratory data are currently available, he added. Available soon.

However, the analysis carried out in conjunction with the respiratory infectious virus indicates that the immune status of the world population is completely different since the appearance of Omicron (a large proportion has been infected by the vaccine and / or subsequent variants), which is possible. According to the same source, maintain a certain protection against particularly severe forms.

The “Prola” variant has a specific character that led it to be placed “under surveillance” by the World Health Organization because the spike protein that allows covid to enter human cells contains thirty mutations that facilitate infection. Avoid immunity acquired through immunizations or vaccinations.

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In this regard, Etienne-Simon Laurier, head of the Evolutionary Genetics Unit for RNA Viruses at the Pasteur Institute, says: “Even if parts of the spike protein change, some antibodies will still stick to it.”

He added in a statement to Le Parisien newspaper: “Confirmed cases do not show atypical symptoms and the majority of the world’s population has acquired some form of immunity against severe forms through vaccination and/or infection.”

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