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Rana Shamis: Collaborative contests distinguish Syrian drama


Beirut: Hayam al-Sayed

Syrian actress Rana Shamis is suffering from the new conditions imposed by the acting industry in the light of the monopoly of the acting industry, with some names repeating from one work to another. In the past, the solution could be to take over the manufacturing sector and protect markets inside and outside Syria, encouraging producers to continue, we ask her:

* How do you rate the volume of works and series currently being offered?

It’s there, but it’s not as strong as it was in the past. But general heroism distinguishes Syrian drama.

* Why don’t the producers give priority to the story of the series and give importance to the actor?

Producers use good actors in their work but they are satisfied with a couple of names. As for the narrative, there is no doubt that we are suffering from a textual crisis.

* Actors and actresses, are you affected by star drama?

– This is the year of life, and things are always done at the expense of each other.

* But does this matter cause the problem of repeating actors’ names from one production to another?

-The choice of actors is not in our hands, the decision is not in our hands, there is nothing we can do about it.

* Does this mean that you, as actors, have surrendered to the conditions of the profession, albeit unfairly?

– Of course, since we have no other solution and repeat the names from one work to another, the decision is not in our hands and we can do nothing.

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* Does that mean you as actors have accepted the terms of the profession?

Of course, because we have no other solution.

* What do you think is the solution?

The solution is to revert to public sector production and thus solve part of the problem.

* How will the whole problem be solved?

The solution is to secure markets to sell the product at home or abroad, so that the producer can recoup the money he has spent on the work, and be encouraged to repeat the experience by producing new work.

* Are you optimistic about the coming period?

– There is no solution, we can no longer talk about the ideal, on the contrary, we must be realistic, there is a certain reality that we must live by.

Back to business

* Do you accept an actor appearing in more than one work a year?

There is no single rule that governs the work of all actors in the industry, rather, each actor adopts his own rule from time to time. These rules vary according to products and circumstances. There is a great acceleration in events and nothing. We know what awaits him and it causes some kind of anxiety and fear for the artist, so he follows his own approach, whether it is accepting or rejecting a work or participating in more than one work in the same year.

* Is it true that producers choose the most followers on social media?

This is the case among some producers, but not all of them, and sometimes an actor who has no acting connections but has a large following on social media is used to reach a larger audience. Rate for work.

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* Are you ready for new jobs for the coming period?

– Yes, but I don’t know if I can announce it, because the policy adopted by the production company I deal with does not allow any announcement about new works.

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