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Fresh moves for the dollar revive stock market speculation in the Egyptian currency market


Despite the relative calm in the official exchange market in Egypt, The US dollar has continued to rise against the Egyptian pound for over 5 years.

The Egyptian pound hit 18.89 pounds against the dollar, Refinitiv data showed.

The Egyptian currency’s lowest since the US note hit 18.91 pounds on January 24, 2017.

Perhaps, the level of tension that dominates the dealers in the exchange market is high on social media platforms, the question of the trends of the pound against the dollar in the Egyptian market, pages that follow the exchange market and dollar rates. Egypt on social media platforms.

The highest dollar exchange rate at the Egyptian Gulf Bank was recorded at 18.85 pounds for buying and 18.89 pounds for selling.

Among the 4 banks led by Commercial International Bank and Ahli United Bank, the dollar exchange rate reached 18.83 pounds for buying and 18.89 pounds for selling.

Among the 3 banks, led by Banque du Caire and Qatar National Bank, the US greenback recorded 18.82 pounds for buying and 18.89 pounds for selling.

Among the 5 banks led by National Bank of Egypt and Bank Misr, the dollar exchange rate reached 18.81 pounds for buying and 18.87 pounds for selling.

At the Central Bank of Egypt, the dollar exchange rate rose to 18.80 pounds for buying and 18.91 pounds for selling.

The lowest dollar exchange rate at Arab Investment Bank was EGP 18.75 for buying and EGP 18.79 for selling.

The Euro exchange rate is 19.56 pounds for buying and 19.67 pounds for selling.

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The exchange rate of the pound sterling against the Egyptian pound reached 22.69 pounds for buying and 22.83 pounds for selling.

In the Arab world, the exchange rate of the Saudi riyal against the Egyptian pound was recorded at 5 pounds for buying and 5.02 pounds for selling.

The Kuwaiti Dinar exchange rate is 58.91 pounds for buying and 61.43 pounds for selling.

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