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Mini SE .. A new drone for beginners with better imaging capabilities


Release Date:
August 14, 2021 14:49 GMT

Update Date: August 14, 2021 15:45 GMT

The Chinese company, DJI, has released its new “Mini SE” drone, which is specifically targeted for beginners in the field of photography via drones.

The DJI drone comes with unique imaging capabilities as it is equipped with a 1 / 2.3 CMOS sensor capable of capturing 2.7K video and 12 megapixel still images.

The Mini SE can fly over 30 minutes of flight time and can transmit high definition video up to 2.5 miles (4 kilometers).

The new aircraft weighs 249 grams, which is the same weight as the Mini 2. This is a slightly irrigated version of the Mini 2. But it does not shoot in UHD and does not have the Ocusync console.

In detail, the camera comes with several key features, the most important of which are the foldable and lightweight design, three-pronged gimbal camera, a view sensor and GPS stabilization, as well as a phone-compatibility control section.

The camera supports microSD cards with a capacity of up to 256GB, can handle Quickshot and Cinismooth video modes, and is equipped with a 360 degree protector.

The Mini SE looks almost identical to the original Mavic Mini because they both use the same camera and video transmission system and the same flight times.

The obvious difference between the Mini SE and the Mavic Mini is that the Mini SE uses the same body as the Mini 2, which means it is slightly lighter and better in strong wind conditions.

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The standard weight of the aircraft (including battery, propellers and microSD card) is 242 grams, which means no registration is required in some countries and regions.

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Since the Mini SE does not support sensing the barrier, the company recommends that beginners use the Mini SE with 360 propeller guards to fully protect the propellers and improve aviation safety.

It uses the new Mini 2 chassis with low exposure screws, strong arms and increased resistance to wind speeds, and uses lighter, more powerful batteries, fans and a charging hub with a USB-C charging port instead of a micro-USB.

The Mini SE, like most DJI drones, comes with various quickshots modes that guide the drone through preset paths, so you do not have to control them manually. These modes include Troni, Rocket and Helix.

The new aircraft sells for $ 299, which is $ 150 less than the Mini 2.

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