February 5, 2023

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From Kyrgyzstan to Dubai: The Success Story of Versatile Artist and Entrepreneur Agmo

In this new episode of Meet the Locals, we set out to meet Akmo, an Kyrgyz artist and entrepreneur, who moved to Dubai when he was 18 years old. Initially, he wanted to stay there for a year. Five years later, he has already created a career as a singer and a thriving business: “ARTfem”, a restaurant that offers painting.

24 years old, Agmo He is an artist and entrepreneur who has already practiced different art forms: “Painting, Pottery and Song”, This is from a young age, in his native Kyrgyzstan. He explains it to Euronews“His family used to turn off the lights after 11pm in the late 90s”. “So my family would sit around by candlelight, my dad would play the guitar and I would sing along with him.”, She recalled.

Every time he passed the local conservatory, she “I stayed there and saw the artists”. Later, he entered a song contest in Asia and won a prize, so he was admitted to a conservatory.

Agmo had to interrupt his studies to work and support his family. He moved to Dubai when he was 18 and wanted to stay there for a year. “I went to Dubai and started working with other artists from different countries. I noticed that I was learning a lot more here than in school. I felt I was in the right place and could develop my potential here,” he said. Says the young woman.

After teaching music for three years, he began his singing career in many iconic venues in Burj Khalifa, including Burj Khalifa. “I have acted for celebrities like Hugh Jackman and other sports and music stars.”, She recalled.

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But the Govt-19 epidemic has arrived and concerts have become rare. So, Akmo returned to his other interesting painting. That’s when she had the idea to start Restaurant “ARTfem” offering a guided painting experience.

“I had a whole house every week and every event was sold out. ARTfem has become a place for people to go out on the weekends.”, She greets herself. “When I came to Dubai five years ago, I never thought I would one day become a business owner.”

Acmo is currently in the process of creating an e-commerce business “To provide people with the ARTfem experience from their homes”. At the same time, he is producing paintings he will present as part of the “Art Dubai 2022” exhibition. “Dubai has amazed me in ways I can never imagine. So I can not wait to see what surprises this city offers me.”