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From next November, WhatsApp will be banned for millions of smartphones


The WhatsApp app is one of the most popular and used apps worldwide, and this app offers many unique features that are unique to all app stores, but the latest reports suggest that this app will soon stop working on millions of smartphones.

According to the report, the “WhatsApp” application will soon stop supporting millions of smartphones, which means that the application will stop working fully on these devices.

Affected users will need to update their software or buy a new phone, starting in November, to remove support for older iPhones and Android phones, the popular messaging app has been set up.

If the device is too old to update, the user will need to get a new phone anyway.

According to those reports, more than 40 different smartphone models are expected to be affected by the ban.

For Android users, they need to run Android 4.1 or later, which means a lot of popular phones will lose access to WhatsApp.

For “iPhone” users, their operating system must be iOS 10 or later, so “iPhone 4” or earlier users will lose access to the application.

As Google has done on older Android phones, technology companies are stopping supporting older devices.

In some cases, this may be due to the ineffectiveness of applications that continue to work on older versions of iOS or “Android”.

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