March 25, 2023

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كيروش يطلب زيادة التغييرات فى ودية ليبيريا إلى 9 بدلا من 6

Quiros asks to increase Liberia friendly changes from 6 to 9

The technical staff of the Kyros-led Egyptian national team and his representative on the Liberian team asked the referees for a friendly match between Egypt and Liberia to increase the number of changes in the match from 9 to 9. Not resolved yet.

The national team is preparing for its first friendly match against Liberia in two matches in the third and fourth rounds, which will take place next month on October 8 and 11 next month under the leadership of the new technical staff led by Carlos Quiros. 2022 Qatar World Cup..

The Portuguese Quiros officially begins his mission with the Pharaohs through Liberia friendship, in which he selects 24 players and then looks closely at their level..

Carlos Guerrero confirmed that he has accepted the leadership of the Barros team to achieve the dream of 105 million Egyptian citizens, pointing out that Egypt has a great football history and the need to build a new generation that will contribute to achieving it. It benefits us by pointing out that players have to make great efforts

He pointed out that all the players he selected for the national team list got used to them by following the league, al-Ahly and Jamalek matches and professionals..

Every technical director has a special mindset, and I think Mohamed Salah deserves to wear Captain Armor..

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