March 27, 2023

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From Nightingale's Suite "to Mohammedan Ramadan" Hours "... Crisis and Surprises, Audience Gifts for the Stars

From Nightingale’s Suite “to Mohammedan Ramadan” Hours “… Crisis and Surprises, Audience Gifts for the Stars

Mohammed Ismail – Cairo – Books – Mustafa Hamza:

Audiences star Mohammed Ramadan, during his latest concert in Iraq, threw away precious hours; Controversial artist, Brown Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafeez topped the list of song stars who have been in similar situations with their audience while on stage.

Mohammed Ramadan appeared during a video clip of his concert in Iraq, and he was delighted that viewers greeted him by throwing away precious hours of the “Adomers” brand.

Ramadas commented, “The clock striker, Adomers, raises his hands.” Then he was surprised to throw up for hours. “Respond:” I have a lot of gifts, you do not simplify them yet. More than that, God’s salvation, if you love me enough, if we were young, we would break bricks now.

Phone of Mohammad Hamaki

Singer Mohamed Hamaki revealed a similar situation during a concert he performed as part of the Riyadh season’s performances in Saudi Arabia. Saudi ArabiaAfter a fan threw his phone at Hamaki, the singer was able to avoid it before hitting his “head”.

“Ward” Amr Thiab

Artist Amr Diab was surprised when he performed the song “Shakna” at one of his concerts in Lebanon, and one of the participants constantly threw flowers at him, which forced him to stop singing, especially as flowers entered his right eye. And when the plateau asked the band to stop playing well, he spoke to the man who threw the flowers and said to him: “What, Captain, are you the limit of your control over me?”

Nightingale ‘Suite’

In April 1976, the brown nightingale Abdel Halim Hafiz faced many difficulties while presenting the poem “The Cup Reader” at a ceremony he performed at the Tersana Club, and one of the reasons was the gift given to him by one of the attendees. “Halim’s” anger.

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Al-Andalib, in an interview with the media after the ceremony, told Tariq Habib about the incident: “Someone can wear a suit and send me a cup of coffee, a cup of coffee here, a cup of cola here. … I mean, do I sing Bleach? It’s coming to me in the theater, I’m seen singing, and all the people are staring at that dress.