May 29, 2023

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Dr. Goluth narrowly escapes death and prepares for surgery to injure the heart muscle


Kuwaiti social media celebrity, Dr. Golood, has narrated the details of her sudden illness, which would have claimed her life had it not been for God’s grace.

Kolude expressed her shock at what happened to her in a video clip she shared with her followers on her Snapchat account, hinting that she did not know how God saved her from death.

Regarding the details of the incident, Goluth was in the chalet with his family and children and when the evening was over, he went to his house and began to list things and occupy himself with many things because he could not sleep. .

She explained that she had sent a video clip of what was happening to her to her husband Amin, who immediately called Cecilia, who was at the same location, where she was shocked by the eternal state and saw her face change. Blue color, while her body was sweating, her limbs were frozen.

After his family and friends arrived home, they called an ambulance and immediately took him to the hospital. Her pulse reached 286 without any effort and the doctors also struggled to read her pressure.

He indicated that the nurses, shocked by his condition, started screaming and immediately administered some medicine, at which point he felt some relief.