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From the archive – warnings and “rain” … stars in front of “clean cinema” explain the reasons for rejecting the temptation | News


Producer Jamal L-Adl revived the debate over the term “clean cinema” associated with cinematic films, beginning with L-Adl’s 1998 production of “Side in the American University”.

Jamal al-Adlin’s statements about clean cinema

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Kamal L-Adl rejects the term “clean cinema” and rejects pornography in offering love, but his latest statements bring us back to reports that some movie stars in the eighties and nineties refused to provide glamorous scenes.

The reasons varied, and some of them hated motion pictures, described them as “disgusting things” and accused families of staying away from watching Egyptian movies.

Affaf Shuaib .. missed a lot of warnings

In an interview with Al-Ahram newspaper in 1987, he said that he should stay away from cinema because he rejected the experiment in various forms.

He explained in his statements: “I seem to be a different model from today’s cinema. For example, I refuse to appear on screen half-naked, as well as cinematic kissing and seductive characters and superficial images.

He added, “I’m very sorry, I learned that art is a message to the audience that they are learning morals and good manners, and that it would be impossible for the actor to appear half – naked, and I’m sure many Egyptian families will leave the cinema. Fear about the morals of their sons and daughters.”

Rakta .. Movement in the theatrical context

He rejected his kisses in the Al-Waft newspaper in 1998 and talked about his confidence in all the brave roles he was given.

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I refuse to accept any of the films I have made for eighteen years, and that is my art life, and I ask the fellow artists, producers and directors I have worked with to make sure my words are true. I’m not laughing at you. “

And Rakta continued, “I apologize for the films that I think do not fit me in this situation, namely the film (nudity) directed by Inas al-Teqaidi, in which I acted as an idol, and of course I rejected it.”

He also spoke of his daring roles: “All of these characters won awards. He won the Film Festival Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, and the film” The Emperor “won two awards. National Festival of Egyptian Cinema.”

In the same interview, Rakta said: “I reject the theory of the audience. I want this. I do not act until I fully believe in any character, and when that character presents moving scenes that are tempting, I seek. For cinematic tricks.”

Faiza Kamal .. Do not do nasty things

In an interview with Al Arabi in 2000, he spoke of the temptation to go to the cinema and see that theaters have become a nasty thing that does not attract audiences to watch movies.

He said: “There is no objection to glamorous characters, they are presented in a respectful manner.

The late artist added: “What is offered in cinema about indecent scenes, obscene things that do not belong to good art, but the producer wants to give some spice to the window, in fact such bad temptations no longer attract. The audience after the rain.”

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Mona Jackie .. humble dancer

Mona Jackie was the epitome of clean cinema, which explains the critique she recently exposed after the screening of the movie “Friends and Lovers”, but at the same time she did not like and believe in the word “clean cinema”. Its existence.

He spoke to Al-Jail newspaper in 1999 about his role with the late director Adef Salem in the film “Night of the Horse” and how he acted as a gypsy dancer without sexy costumes or sexy scenes.

She said: “I’m clear and decisive here, no kisses. Did you see Abla Kamel’s character in” Erk Al-Bala “? She said she wanted the script without a kiss without nudity.”

And he continued, “There were actually kisses in the script, but I convinced Professor Adef Salem, the director of the film, in my view, that he had removed it.”

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