June 3, 2023

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Fuel dispute sparks sectarian clashes in southern Lebanon

Fuel dispute sparks sectarian clashes in southern Lebanon

Beirut (Reuters)

The dispute over the supply of fuel to the Lebanese security source sparked religious tensions between two neighboring villages, one Shia and the other Christian in southern Lebanon, which forced the military to intervene.
Conflicts over the disruption of basic services by petrol and diesel shortages have become a daily occurrence in Lebanon, raising fears that the country’s finances could fall into disarray two years later.
According to the source, about six people were injured in the clash between the Christian village of Maktushe and the Shiite village of Ankun.
The accident happened when a resident of Maktouch village complained to the police after being injured during a fuel dispute last Friday, and police arrived in Ancon to investigate.
The source said villagers blocked roads and set fire to tires, while troops stopped. And there was silence yesterday.
The financial collapse, which has lost more than 90% of the value of the currency in two years and pushed more than half of the population into poverty, entered a new phase this month as much of Lebanon was paralyzed.
Last Friday, the country’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdul Latif Darian, said Lebanon was heading for a complete collapse if it did not take action to deal with the crisis.
Since the last government resigned following the explosion of the Beirut port last year, the country has been without a government, and the financial situation has been exacerbated by a political stalemate.
Prime Minister-elect Najib Mikady, the third person elected to form the government after the previous government resigned, said there were major obstacles to the process.

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