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Action against teachers who refuse to be vaccinated against corona


The Emirates Foundation for School Education urges teachers who refuse to be vaccinated against the “corona” virus to take appropriate action in the absence of an approved and up-to-date medical justification. Using the “Education” model as a temporary solution.

In a recently released “School Day Design”, the Foundation emphasized the importance of students’ commitment to the educational groups they categorize by the education administration, based on the data from the fact-finding study, and changing the group if they wish, with the student’s guardian submitting a request before the 25th of each month, after which the school administration Emphasizes its need, without conflicting with its structure. Students and their parents must adhere to a previously selected education system. The first week of each semester, in order to make the right decision, if it does not conflict with the school system.

Although the school administration chooses a 100% realistic educational environment for the Foundation, the guardian for his son has the option of distance learning because it is a choice that is not considered mandatory for all students in real time. Advice, guidance and encouragement for attendance education is his son every semester.

In the event that parents deal with students who have decided to choose distance education as a whole, she expects them to be categorized within the “distance education” group at once after signing the pledge, and is advised to hold instructional awareness meetings. Parents of students Distance learning. Find out the real reasons for the end of education by distance, give them the support they need to promote real learning, and emphasize that real learning is the best way to teach students. The option of distance education is available to students, but short and medium tests will be done realistically in school.

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He explained that if the number of daily teaching hours and class hours is observed, the school administration can change the start or end time of the board (coordinating buses, arranging a schedule) if required. Ensuring the approval of the head of the range, according to the course plan.

He pointed out that the school administration would follow up with cases of students ’attendance and absence through the daily inventory for each class, and should keep track of statistics that are not on the form associated with the application of the Student Conduct Code. Routine follow-up procedures for student absence include counseling to intensify counseling meetings through the use of parental and behavioral protocol, clarifying plans to promote positive behavior, and regular visits of students and parents.

He noted that school administrations can ensure that students learn remotely through a number of methods: opening cameras, logging in to sites, performing tasks and experiments during a synchronous learning session, and interacting with synchronous learning session activities.

There are a number of ways to determine the use of coherent education between the Foundation Classroom Committee and the Home Committee, by providing teachers with synchronous hybrid education methods and tools and training directly in the presence of all through the “Times” site, and to include educational activities and assessment tools that are compatible with the needs of both groups to achieve learning outcomes. Providing headphones and portable amplifiers for teachers and students.

Important health cases

The design of the school day is based on the student’s health report and the medical team at the school on how to use the exams for students with disabilities. A private entrance and a sterile hall may be set aside to carry out the test, thus observing the start and end times of the school day and all precautionary measures used at different times when it is avoided. The guide defines the permanent group “C” group, the priority group of students to be in the school on a daily basis, and a committee is set up to examine each case to determine the group “C” students. .

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