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Furious anger in Tunisia.. An infant died at the door of the hospital

Furious anger in Tunisia.. An infant died at the door of the hospital

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In one sensational incident in Tunisia, a child died after his mother refused to be admitted to hospital because of a delay in providing her with medical care.

In the details, a government hospital in Al-Kaf governorate in the north of the country refused to admit the mother due to lack of specialist doctors, resulting in delayed delivery and death of the baby. Her family shifts her to a private hospital. However, the latter refused to grant her shelter as she could not afford the financial expenses required for the delivery.

After that, they had to send her back to the government hospital, but the baby was stillborn, and his death occurred in the process of transferring him from the sanatorium to the hospital, which resulted in the woman bleeding profusely. Doctors removed her uterus.

Fees for medical staff

The incident, which was reported by most of the local media, sparked public outrage in Tunisia, amid accusations against medical staff and those in charge of the private clinic over the child’s death and the removal of the 21-year-old’s stomach. The elderly mother has re-opened the debate on working conditions in government hospitals in the interior due to neglect, negligence and inhumane treatment.

Activist Moufida Al-Sharni wrote a comment in which she said, “What is wrong with this woman, that she lost her son and motherhood forever? Is it because she lives in an area without good hospitals and specialized doctors. Or is it because she is poor and cannot afford the birth fees in the private sector, so the government should intervene.” There is an urgent need to save the public health sector in the Gaff region, whose situation has become disastrous, clinics for the benefit of private owners.

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Who is responsible?

In turn, activist Nora Siddiqui asked who was the party to be held responsible in the incident, the state that could not provide the necessary human resources and equipment in government hospitals or the receptionist at a private clinic. Considering what had happened was a “crime against humanity,” he used his bosses’ orders and demanded financial guarantees before treatment.

As for the activist Amjad Tahar, he held the authorities of the private clinic fully responsible, who refused to accept the case of the pregnant woman because she did not have the expenses for treatment and delivery, what happened was “no less. Humane.”

In response, the public prosecutor authorized the arrest of the director of the private clinic, two midwives, two nurses and a doctor for investigation and determination of liability.

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