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“Furjan Dubai” and “Association with Hope” promote mental health awareness


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The Furjan Dubai Foundation, one of the leading national organizations in community development, has recently formed a psychological support group with elite members of the community in association with the Association with Hope to raise awareness about mental health. Farzan Dubai will next focus on raising social awareness on mental health issues and topics, as well as the introduction of International Days of Social Nature and International Bullying and Anti-Drug Day and other issues. This will be a clear work program for Farzan Dubai with the help of experts and expertise in every field. It is one of a series of initiatives implemented by “Furjan Dubai” and the “Association with Hope” to contribute to community development and related topics and issues in various fields affecting the community and its members.

Alia Al Shamlan of the Farzan Dubai Foundation said: “The Foundation is a non – profit organization that aims to enhance government efforts in all areas related to community development and related strategic goals through the contribution of volunteers and individuals. In each freeze.

During the public meeting, the focus was on the axis of health relations and mental health as participants unanimously acknowledged the importance of such open meetings and constructive discussions for the benefit of social work and to raise awareness about mental health. Participants agreed to form a task force comprising of experts in health issues and psychiatry, and to identify the most important topics for defining topics and implementing awareness and education programs. They unanimously agreed to organize psychological support sessions in conjunction with open meetings to discuss strengthening healthy relationships in the community, mental health issues and the psychological needs of the family in general, as well as the search for new ways to integrate relationships, especially among the elderly. , Children and youth and many others. .

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In turn, Dr. Ala Kaladari said: Social support is one of the most important components in mental health, fitness and psychological care, and our view of mental illness follows the biological psychological model of disease. Disease on the individual, and the social environment in which individuals live, care for family members and providers, friends, teachers, psychiatrists and community members. He explained that chronic mental headaches, abdominal pain and most of the diseases that affect other human beings are mainly related to the psychological aspect.


For her part, Fatima Moussa, a member of the Association with Hope, affirmed: “We are working to create workgroups specifically on mental health, and this aspect of issues and topics has significant implications for the community, and it raises awareness about the importance of dealing with mental health issues in the community, especially at Al-Amal Hospital.” Necessary. In addition to providing answers to questions about community, people’s problems and their special circumstances, people’s questions and mental health.


Sarah al-Shuwaidi, a member of the Association with Hope, pointed out that the meeting was only an initial session to emphasize the importance of mental health and the need to interact with relevant and relevant organizations in the community, and opens up new frontiers to discuss psychology. Focuses on building constructive and supportive relationships for this trend.


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