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A new law in Texas came into force Wednesday, banning abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy.

The law was enacted after it failed to issue a decision from the Supreme Court based on an urgent request from clinics and abortion rights advocates to prevent it.

Governor J. of the Republic. A state law, signed by Greg Abbott, on Sept. 1, prohibits a doctor from performing an abortion, which often occurs before many women know they are pregnant. By law, citizens have the right to prosecute physicians who perform abortions after that time.

Human rights organizations that protect abortions, and medical clinics, on Monday asked the Supreme Court to issue an emergency order to stop law enforcement. When the court said nothing until midnight, the ban officially came into force in early September, making it the most restrictive abortion law in force in the United States, although the Supreme Court could still take action against it, the newspaper said.The Wall Street Journal“.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden inaugurated the 1973 Ro v. Wade considered the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to be a blatant violation of constitutional rights.

The issue of abortion strongly divides Americans, and evangelical Christians have strongly opposed the practice.

The American president’s Catholic doctrine opposes abortion, but Fiden defends a woman’s right to choose.

Cow பிடன்On Wednesday, the law said it would “reduce access to the health care women need, especially for individuals of color and low income.”

A panel of abortion providers and abortion rights advocates said in their urgent petition to the Supreme Court on Monday that “access to abortion in Texas will be reduced immediately and catastrophically.”

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The demand is “raising money to force patients to try to leave the state for abortion, and many of them will be delayed until they become pregnant. Other Texans who want to have an abortion will be forced to become pregnant. Attempting to terminate their pregnancy against their will or without medical supervision.”

According to the Goodmaker Institute, which supports abortion rights, the average distance a Texan woman has to travel to have an abortion now rises from 12 to 248 miles, a 20-fold increase.

More than 53,000 abortions were performed in Texas by 2020, according to data from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

In recent years, several Republican-controlled states have sought to enforce laws governing abortion, forcing many clinics to close.

According to the newspaper, clinics have already begun enforcing the controversial new law, although this threatens their continuity.Time“.

Although the Supreme Court could still make a decision on the new law in the coming days, “even if the ban is eventually lifted, it will have a lasting impact on Texas and provide a map for other conservative states to impose similar abortion restrictions,” the newspaper said.

Most criticized, state legislators designed the ban in law, which is difficult for attorneys to challenge in court, as Texas law uses a different tactic than the many abortion restrictions passed by Republican legislatures in many states. In recent years this has made it difficult to properly block the courts, and it sets the stage for an important new legal strategy for conservative legislatures to follow how abortion laws are regulated in the future.

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Instead of allowing government officials to enforce abortion bans like most laws, the law states that private citizens can intervene by prosecuting abortion providers and “anyone who aids and abets” abortion after six weeks.

This means that clinics and their staff, family members of patients, or anyone who takes them to the clinic provide financial assistance, religious or genetic counseling, or “intend” to do something about these activities.

Under the new law, “the plaintiffs have no contact with the person suspected of violating the law, and if they win, the law states that they are entitled to compensation of at least ten thousand dollars. Legal fee.”

Once the new law went into effect, the Texas Right to Live group created a website to seek advice on individuals who allegedly violated the law, and to gather information from those who would like to help the group enforce it. The site has been flooded with misinformation from abortion rights advocates.

President Biden on Wednesday criticized the law’s order requiring private citizens to file a lawsuit against anyone they believe has aided in abortion, including family members, health workers, front desk staff at a health care clinic, or strangers who have been in a relationship with an individual.

But leading Harvard constitutional legal expert Lawrence Tripp explains, “The constitution applies only to government, including Roe W. Wade, and not to private individuals. This is really a kind of awareness justice. Confirmed that.

Whether the Supreme Court takes action or the Fifth Court of Appeal suspends the law, there will be problems. The law included a provision that providers could sue for breaches of the law if the court reversed the court’s decision and re-enacted the law, meaning that providers could be prosecuted for a technically legal action at that time.

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This means that even if the new law suspends law enforcement, clinics will be afraid to perform abortions for fear of losing a lot of money later.

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