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GDA Online gets a new extension of Franklin's story

GDA Online gets a new extension of Franklin’s story

Today, Rockstar officially announced that GTA Online will receive a new story-centric expansion entitled The Contract, in which the GTA V protagonist Franklin, many years after the events of the original game, is expected to be available on December 15th. The contract extension focuses the story on Franklin’s work on his new ‘Celebrity Solutions Agency’, which also includes the new composer, Dr. Tray.

Rockstar has shared some details about the new expansion as Franklin launches a company called F. Clinton & Partner to provide solutions to Los Santos elite problems. .

As part of the story, Mark Jordan, or DJ. Pooh will contact Franklin and refer to the client as Dr. Tray, who composed the newly released music, but he lost the phone with the music. The player will work on securing the tracks, searching the phone and returning it to the famous artist. You can do this alone or with your team.

Rockstar also points out that he is working with another man, Franklin and Amani, to travel from Old Franklin to Los Santos parties to FBI offices to recover tracks found in the trailer above. During the expansion, in addition to the specific names, we will also meet famous artists, see the appearance of “Andersen.back”, and the famous singer “Snoop Dogg” is likely to appear as a guest. Expansion.

Rockstar also confirmed that the new expansion will introduce new weapons, vehicles and deals for the multiplayer experience, adding that we will learn more about music and expansion in the coming days.

In the new music for GTA Online Dr. It is certain that Dre worked, but not GTA 6 as some expected, although we think it is currently in development.

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