March 20, 2023

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Gemeel House of Traditional Arts seeks to preserve Egypt's heritage with global support

Gemeel House of Traditional Arts seeks to preserve Egypt’s heritage with global support

Gemeel House of Traditional Arts seeks to preserve Egypt’s heritage with global support

Dubai: Italian-Moroccan model Malika El Moselhi stars in the latest campaign launched by French jewelery house Mesica, dedicated to the brand’s new Egyptian-inspired show.

The new Ak-Ba-Ka collection, designed by Valerie Messica and inspired by ancient Egypt, is part of the brand’s new jewelry collection titled “Beyond the Light.”

In the campaign photos, the repairer shows off a 71-carat white gold necklace studded with 15 diamonds. The entire collection consists of a pair of asymmetrical earrings and an interchangeable ring that can be worn in three different ways.

“I am proud to present the first piece from my new high jewelery collection ‘Beyond Light’.

“Special to my heart, the Ach-Ba-Ka, (Masterpiece) collection features a collection of 15 exceptional diamonds carved from the same 110-carat rough stone. Many thanks to my brother @ ilanmessika for the opportunity to work with this extraordinary stone,” notes designer Ilan.

This isn’t the first time the jewelry company has paid tribute to the Middle East. In April, Mesika launched its first Ramadan campaign titled “For Mesika Devi” in collaboration with six well-known creatives from the region.

Emiri award-winning director Abdullah Al Gabi and Tunisian photographer Mowaz Aghor present the “Lalla Messika” campaign for Lens.

In the campaign video, Saudi actress Mila Al Zahrani, Emirati singer Almas, Bahraini journalist Nada Al Shaibani, Saudi chef Sama Zaad, Qatari artist Albtan Al Janahi and Kuwaiti actress Amin Al Husseini sit around a table and enjoy each other. Others. A friend sleeps while closing the jewelry in a clip.

As for Reformer, the model is no stranger to the spotlight. In addition to glorifying the runways of luxury fashion houses that most models can’t even dream of – her portfolio includes, among others, Dior, Chanel, Valentino and Jagamos – the fashion star has also appeared in international campaigns such as Off-White, Calvin Klein and Levin.

In addition to being a fixture on the runway, Al Moslihi has a few magazine publications under her belt, including Vogue, British Vogue Russia and Dazet magazine.

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