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Genshin effect fan creates an impressive Alice character concept


A Effect of gens A fan has created some amazing concept art for the legendary Mondstad character Alice. Although she is mentioned on several occasions in the official story, Alice has yet to make an official appearance, creating much excitement around her arrival.

Players had a chance to learn more about Alice during the recent Windbloom Festival Effect of gens Version 3.5. Since his first mention in the main story, players have created various ideas of what his prototype would look like.

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Reddit user zobuggy_ has come up with an interesting comment that points to a possible origin of Alice, the famous Mondstadt witch. We wouldn’t be surprised if the official Alice spray art looks similar to fan art, with many fans commenting on the entire design. Although the official story doesn’t confirm seeing Alice, zobuggy_ gave her a pyro object, which makes sense considering she’s known as Glee’s mother. Their relationship is explored at several events in the game, including the annual Golden Apple Archipelago event that Alice organizes for her daughter.

Alice is also known as the creator of the popular Davit travel guide published by Adventurers Guild. This guide features Alice’s diary notes collected on tapes from around the world to help travelers on their adventures. Rumored to be at least 500 years old, this unique personality is also known to have various experiences that can sometimes go wrong. I destroyed most of the Stormterror’s pseudo-sham to give it a more primitive look.

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Some Genshin Impact NPCs describe Alice as one of the most powerful magicians in the Daiwat world, with many players believing her to be a Catalyst user. When it comes to his rarity, he is expected to be a five-star character because of his importance to the overall story. Some fans believe that Alice will appear soon Effect of gens Leaks revealed that Manstad will be expanding in the coming months.

This means that Mondstad characters like the Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius aka Varga can finally be introduced to the game. Some players believe that legendary wrestler Vanessa will also make an appearance in at least one trailer.

Effect of gens Available now for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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