June 2, 2023

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“Sakahola Wilderness Massacre”… Increasing number of victims of fast to “meet Christ”.

Kenyan investigators on Tuesday found the remains of 10 people in mass graves linked to a religious group that preaches fasting to “meet Christ”, bringing the total number of victims to 83, a press release said on the site. Find out. , according to AFP.

Police have been combing the Sakahola forest near the coastal town of Malindi for days after receiving information about a religious group led by Paul McKenzie Nthingi sending hungry followers to God.

Three of the bodies found on Tuesday were children. According to an AFP journalist, emergency workers in white coats dug up remains from shallow graves and found emaciated survivors.

The news shocked the country, prompting Kenyan President William Ruto to vow to crack down on “unacceptable religious movements”.

As the death toll rose, Malindi Government Hospital officials warned on Tuesday that the mortuary could not accommodate more bodies and was overworked.

“The hospital’s mortuary can accommodate 40 bodies,” said Syed Ali, the hospital’s managing director, adding that officials had contacted the Kenya Red Cross to get refrigerated containers.

Many followers of the “Good News International Church” group are believed to be still hiding in the forest and are in danger of death if they are not found soon.

Hussain Khalid, executive director of the human rights group “My Right Africa,” reported the group’s practices to police and urged authorities to send more rescue workers to search for survivors in the 800-acre forest.

“Every day that passes, the chances of more people dying increases,” he told AFP.

“The horror we have seen in the last four days is shocking. Nothing prepares you for the scenes of shallow mass graves of children,” he added.

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Investigators told AFP they found bodies piled in pits, one of which contained up to six bodies, while others lay on the ground.

Police chief Javid Comey confirmed to reporters on Monday that 29 people had been rescued and taken to hospital.