May 29, 2023

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Geographical tourism wealth has the ability to differentiate

In recent years, many geological researchers, especially Kamrasen and representatives of the Kampot region, have been able to find many important geological discoveries during their excavations in Tataouine Governorate.

Remains of skeletons and skeletons as well as teeth and a fossilized crocodile head were found, besides wall drawings depicting human life and fossil marine animals such as oysters, snails, sea urchins and the remains of meteorites that fell in the area.

These discoveries attracted the attention of geologists from different countries of the world, and many of them returned to these different areas to see the various discoveries.

In addition to starting procedures to create geoparks, a branch of the Geomemorial Museum and Science City was created to collect them, central and regional authorities have begun to value these discoveries with the aim of creating an alternative tourist destination. Coordination with governorates of Medina and Capes. The Kumrasen Heritage Preservation Society has also initiated procedures to develop a tourist route connecting various archaeological sites in the area.

For its part, in addition to the events of the “Al-Zahir” geological route connecting various important geological and scientific sites, the University organized alternative tourism for the owners of several European tourist travel agencies to see the rich scientific geological heritage. South Eastern States.

All this is without waiting for the feast in the light of the important scientific value of these discoveries, and for further definition using them to attract a large number of tourists from different countries of the world by publishing them on various important international platforms for scientific tourism.

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Habib Shabani