June 5, 2023

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Germany aims to phase out coal by 2030

Germany aims to phase out coal by 2030

On Monday, Germany pledged to maintain its goal of removing coal for power generation by 2030, a day after announcing it would increase the use of coal-fired power plants to offset a drop in Russian gas supplies.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Economy and Climate Change told a news conference in Berlin, “The removal of coal by 2030 will not be a tumultuous affair. Coal-burning plants will have to run out of carbon dioxide emissions naturally.
Coal emissions by 2030 are a key element of President Olaf Scholes’ coalition government’s agreement with Green and Liberal partners, but the government announced on Sunday that it would use “backup” coal-fired power plants. The last attempt to ensure that Germany’s energy supply is guaranteed is due to the declining Russian supplies to Europe.
On Sunday, Economy and Climate Minister Robert Hebeck stressed that seeking coal for power generation in a “deteriorating” situation in the gas market was a “temporary” move, “it is bitter but necessary.” Stephen Gabriel Hoff, a spokesman for the Ministry of Economy and Climate, confirmed on Monday that the transition to coal-fired power plants was a “short-term measure” for a “limited” period until 2024.
In the wake of the conflict between the West and Russia in the wake of the war in Ukraine, the Russian company “Gasprom” announced the reduction of gas exports through the North Stream pipeline, and this decision had a significant impact on many. European countries, especially Germany, Italy and France, did not receive gas. As for Berlin, which imports 35% of its gas needs from Russia, the situation is “dangerous” according to Habek, even in light of the current level of stabilization of the country’s supply compared to 55% before the war. (AFP)

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