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Tahi Kalfan responds to critics of “austerity” by affirming: “If we go into the era of dates, our satisfaction with our rulers will remain the same.”


DUBAI: United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Dubai Deputy Chief of Police Tahi Kalban on Monday stressed the need to pursue an “austerity policy” in light of rising fuel and food prices. The Emirati will be satisfied with their rulers even if they return to the “era of dates”.

Calfon said in a series of tweets on his official page on Twitter: “But when I advised some of them to be frugal, they went crazy … and Ali condemned what I said, most of us did not rationalize spending,” he said. Said.

The deputy chief of the Dubai Police added, “Yes, there is an imbalance in the salary of another person, which is the year of life … and I support the minimum that should be sufficient for a decent life. . ” His age for the salaries of local employees in Sharjah, he added: “But even if it is done for all employees, low standards, rationalizing costs is important and necessary in life,” he said.

Calfan continued, “My call to the rulers is that the minimum wage for an Emirati citizen should be the one that transforms his life into a decent one.” He added: “I continue to call for austerity, even on days other than high prices. An urge to see a psychiatrist,” he said.

The deputy chief of the Dubai Police added, “There is one more thing for those who came and attacked me (visually) … they are resting … the world is fine, the homeland is in the custody of a leader who told you, do not remove them.” He continued: “Our confidence in our homeland will not be shaken by any change … We must always think well that with the help of the Almighty we will be better in care. Then care for our leaders .. and the unity of our citizens.”

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Kalpan added, “One day we have a problem … I suggest you give it to the consoles. Through the head of each console and through social channels … today we have neighborhood councils … allow them. Be the place where we deal with our problems. , And more and more said: “Let’s go.” Social media for peace … and side effects .. and opportunities .. and we exchange knowledge … As far as complaints are concerned, they have channels. It has to be other than social media, “he said. Said.

The Deputy Chief of Police of Dubai concluded: “In general, there are always ups and downs in life. Today, poor and rich, and vice versa … today is cheaper and more expensive .. and many more .. so do not give up the attitude we had on our heels. If we go back to the fruitful days, our satisfaction will remain the same.

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