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Germany disables Nort Stream 2 and warns of Russian attacks


February 22 2022 18:04

Ahead of an EU meeting in Brussels today to discuss possible sanctions against Russia, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes announced that he had decided to suspend approval for a gas pipeline from Russia in response to the Kremlin’s recognition of the two divisions of “Nord Stream 2” in eastern Russia.

Schulz explained at a news conference with his Irish counterpart that he had asked the German regulatory body in charge of the project to suspend its review, saying, “This problem appears to be technical, but it is a necessary administrative step that prevents any approval. Without it, Nord Stream 2 could not start functioning.” “.

He pointed out that other punishments could be accepted if further action was taken.

But at the same time, he appealed to Russia and the West to continue the dialogue, stressing that the continuation of diplomatic efforts in the region is “important to prevent further escalation and a consequent catastrophe”.

With this decision, the country’s security officials have warned of the dangers of Russia’s cyber attacks, targeting infrastructure such as energy and water, and stressed the need to be extra vigilant, according to al-Arabiya.

For its part, Kiev welcomed the German decision, and Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba described the suspension of the gas pipeline with Russia as the “right step.”

“In the current context, this is a morally, politically and practically correct step,” he added through his official Twitter account.

Source: Agencies

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