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Get ready to see the pinnacle of twin meteors in the Arab world | Science


This year, the moon sets at 01:00 after Mecca time, making it the most suitable opportunity to observe the largest meteorite for the rest of the night until dawn.

Fans watching the night sky from all over the Arab world are getting ready to receive one of the most important astronomical events of 2021, the Gemini meteor shower, which will reach its peak on the evening of December 13 and 14 and last until dawn. Of the morning.

On normal nights, you can observe many meteors here or there in the sky, but on meteor showers the rate is much higher, and in the case of “twins” this rate can reach 120 meteors at a distance.

Double meteor showers usually begin between December 4 and 17 each year (Getty Images)

Fallen rocks

According to the US space agency website,NASA(NASA) Meteor shower in orbit around the Sun, in orbit around the Sun, results in asteroids left by the asteroid “3200 Python”, and those debris enter the atmosphere at great speed and burn at great distances. Above the surface of the earth.

The extreme brightness of the meteorites gives the impression that they are very close to us, and that they may fall behind mountains or buildings, or they may collide with us, but this is not true. In the most severe cases, the entire meteorite burns up to 12 kilometers before reaching the ground.

Meteor showers usually begin between December 4 and 17 each year, but are most intense in the 24 hours surrounding Apogee, making Doha’s nights 10:00 a.m. on December 14 this year. An appropriate opportunity to observe meteorites on the 13th and 14th of the same month.

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How do I see the meteor?

The best place to see meteorites is far away from the city light, so trips to the desert are usually active on meteor shower nights, but despite that, the roof of the house is always a good place to view meteorites. Relatives and loved ones, but you will find less meteorites than in the desert, of course, depending on the size lights.

There are no specific tools to detect meteorites, there is room to lie on the ground with your naked eyes, and in this cold weather some hot drinks will come in handy and then hold your head up towards the sky and wait. Meteors fall.

This year, the moon sets at 01:00 after midnight Mecca time, making it the most appropriate opportunity to observe the remainder of the night until dawn, with the maximum number of meteors, especially the night of December 13 and the number of meteors. Will increase as the sun approaches sunrise.

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