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Gina’s last message to her ex-husband “Ahmed S” shocked viewers on social media .. See what happened!


The Egyptian actress was surprised Decoration Her followers Social media It was published on his own accountInstagram“A new picture of her sent a mysterious message to a person whose identity she did not mention, which caused a lot of controversy among her fans as to the character the message was sent to and whether she was referring to her ex-husband. Ahmed Is.

Decoration In his photo, he said: “When I met you without accounting, I knew I thought you were with her … I wanted it”, to get a lot of feedback from his audience, some people supported him in saying that. Others asked who she was referring to in the message.

But most commentators said her message was sent to her ex-husband and father of his twins: “Izz al-Din and Zain al-Din,” the artist said. Ahmed Is, Especially after the recent developments between them in the courts.

Gina ends “Guardian’s secret history” after a gap of three years

On the other hand, the artist finished Decoration From the shooting of his filmThe Secret History of Gautham“After a three-year hiatus, when filming began in 2017, 95% of the events were stopped more than once, even though they were only two days away, until they were completely stopped in the previous two years. Has now been filmed and work on its preparation for its presentation is fully completed.

Movie “The Secret History of GauthamStarring Laila LV, Mohsen Mohiltin, Ahmed Hadem, Enas Kamel, Fraz Saeed, Abdel Rahim Hassan and written and directed by Mohammad Amin.

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The events of the film revolve around the events that follow 25 January RevelationIt deals with the idea that the Egyptian citizen must have the necessary thinking and awareness to understand what is going on around him.The second collaboration that unites between the film. Decoration Also, director Mohammad Amin after “Two Girls From” EgyptIn 2009, it was a huge success and participated in many international and local festivals and won many awards. Decoration National Film Festival Award for its performance.

Decorations for the Ramadan season

At the theatrical level, I stabilized Decoration On “Black love seriesTo run a race Ramadan 2022 Next, Sherin is directed by Adele, and the director begins to nominate heroes to work with. Decoration Over the next few days, filming is set to begin by the end of January.

What is planned to start? Decoration After the shooting of the series, the series “420 minutes”, Co-starring Sama Anwar, Mohammad Shaheen and Rushdie Al-Shami, written by Mohammad Rijal and directed by Honey Adele, and filming locations for the project are currently being explored to finalize the final details and select the rest. Its heroes. It is scheduled to be displayed on one of the electronic sites.

The latest creation is remarkable Decoration Series “Everything is with loveShown on screens in a month Ramadan 2021 Directed by Essam Abdel Hamid, al-Madi, Sabreen, Ahmed al-Sadani, Hala Faqir and Reem al-Barudi took part in the work.

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