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Global Health Determines Zero Infection With Corona Virus – Politics – News


The World Health Organization announced that a patient may not be infected with corona during a field study or in the laboratory in China.

The organization said Corona’s first infection may have been an employee when collecting samples from bats.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization urged China to strengthen data transfer on the first infections of the corona virus in order to carry out an investigation into the origin of the infection.

The organization called on all countries not to politicize the search for the origin of the epidemic that has killed at least 4.3 million people since the virus appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019 and affected the world economy.

The World Health Organization sent an international team of experts to Wuhan earlier this year, in a first-stage report, which said the SARS-Cove-2 virus, written in collaboration with Chinese experts, was largely transmitted from bats to humans. An intermediate animal.

In a report on progress with the next phase of research to detect the origin of the infection, he said it was “very important” to know how the Kovit-19 epidemic began.

“The next phase of studies will include additional examinations of early data for early infections and additional examinations for serology from possible early events in 2019,” he said.

“The sharing of source data and permission to review samples is no different than we encourage all countries to support, including China, so that research on the origin can be carried out quickly and efficiently,” he added.

The report, which identified four hypotheses, said the hypothesis of the virus leaked from the lab was “impossible”.

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But after reading the report, WHO Director-General Tetros Adonom Caprais said the investigation into the Wuhan virus laboratory was not enough.

The World Health Organization continued: “China and several member states have written to the organization for further research into the hypothesis of a virus leaking from the laboratory.”

“It also suggested that the study of origins was politicized or that the World Health Organization acted because of political pressure,” he added.

“After reviewing the report of the first phase study, the World Health Organization concluded that there is insufficient scientific evidence to refute any hypothesis, especially to study the laboratory hypothesis, it is important to access all data.”

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