May 28, 2023

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Rockstar is said to be rebroadcasting the flagship car theft trilogy of the PS2 era

Rockstar is said to be rebroadcasting the flagship car theft trilogy of the PS2 era

Rockstar Games’ Dundee Studio works on three updated versions of the PS2 Classic Professional car theft Addresses: Grand Theft Auto3And Grand Theft Auto Sub City, And Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasAnd கோடகு Reports. The news is said to be temporary for headlines in late October or early November, which may eventually be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, Switch, PC, Stadia and mobile phones.

Rumors of an updated headline have been circulating for some time, but Rockstar’s parent company, Tag-to-Interactive, has confirmed that it plans to release this month.Three without warningRehearsals for old games side by side Current generation ports GTA VAnd GTA wool line, And Crab Space Project. However, due to the library of take-to-games, all three of these transformers cannot contain anything without a medium. Biological trauma My. S. Max Payne, She Text.

According to கோடகு, Three G.T.A. The games have been re-created on Unreal Engine, with one source suggesting that they may resemble greatly modified versions of existing titles. They claim that the game is true to the original, while at the same time their user interface should retain its classic style. According to reports, the release of the game has changed dramatically as a result of the epidemic, but the current software is the simultaneous digital version of the three titles on most platforms this year with PCs and laptops in 2022.

A Rockstar Games spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The publisher is said to be planning to remake the original Red dead recovery If the remake trilogy sells well.

This season’s Rockstar PS2 trilogy defined the generation of open world games and had three major games on the console. Although three self-worlds and current story lines, they are part of a single shared universe, with some characters appearing in all three games. In addition to the trilogy, Rockstar released two PSP games in the same cities (one GTA3Liberty City and One Vice City), which were later shipped to traditional consoles.

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